The #ATD2015 Series: Day4, the last and final day!

20 May, 2015:

I feel everyone was quite hungover from the networking night, I didn’t seem to find too many people in the convention center the next morning. I started my day at the Global Village, slowly moving to Susan Croft’s networking session. She was great and it was a lively session, overall. She made networking sound fun to even those who call themselves to be extremely introvert. The key to networking is following a simple rule – Silence is not Golden! How do you work your way out in Client Lunches, formal events, dinners, awards, social media etc. Some things to keep in mind while networking or before or after:

  • Remove the tricky traits of your personality types, such as:
  • Remember that you need to be confident and have a strong body language
  • Ensure you have a self-introduction, like a 10 second bite
  • Look at the guest list, venue, purpose etc, to know who and what you can expect
  • Understand your personal character in the social platform and understand ways by which you can work the room
  • being the fluttering butterfly with no purpose
  • being married to the buffet table
  • acting like an alcoholic
  • being only with your own group of colleagues
  • being nervous about the setting and sweating it out, literally
  • being the worst of the lot, lounge lizard, who only eyes attractive or sometimes even unattractive women, only for one sole reason
  • being the one who locates a friendly face and then sticks around with that person the whole time
  • Use your knowledge bank wisely, not too much and not too little, but never interfering in others conversation
  • Develop multiple communications styles based on your personality, not too gregarious, not too loud but elegantly making your way
  • Use word association or similar mnemonics technique to ensure you remember people’s names
  • Remember the right and elegant etiquette of working the room
  • Have a firm handshake, crisp body language and eye contact
  • Have a sense of humour

With so many sessions over the days, I decided it was time for some fun! I headed to the EXPO hall once again to the little place where trainers, L&D specialists were playing drums! 🙂

Rhythm and music are known to have a great impact on human mind, from changing moods to mindsets, and more. Bill Scheidt of Sewa Beats took us through strategic understanding of music and how it helps organisational development.

I moved on to Mike Collins session, on Creating a Learning Community from Scratch with Social Learning that works! It was a full house and a useful one, which one could simply apply at work. We must be community managers rather than training managers, following were a few suggestions we could incorporate in our professional sphere:

  • Continuously use social tools for connecting your community together on social platforms such as google groups or linkedin
  • Don’t venture out to other platforms which are ‘ghost towns’
  • Understand the gap between learning technologies and learning and development and bridge the two together, synchronously and asynchronously

As the conference almost came to an end and I felt the best was kept for the last. Erik Wahl’s session was inspiring! I can only provide you with these two videos for a quick glimpse. I’m sure he got everyone in high spirits and motivated!

What a great, action packed ICE it was!

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