The #ATD2015 Series: Day 3: fun at the Expo, meeting people and more…

19 May, 2015:

I was quite excited for Day 3 and hearing it from Dr. Sugata Mitra about his “Hole in the Wall” project. I knew he was talking about the future of learning, I’d heard him speak on TED, other conferences, several times over the decade. His work is phenomenal. But I kept wondering, now what’s next? My morning didn’t have much planned, so I was headed towards the EXPO hall to join in the hustle bustle of the expo. I met the Axonify team, bumped into my husband again, met a few lovely and happy personalities of L&D. Moving on with the day, I had planned to attend a couple of sessions, having chosen quite a few earlier, I had the final decision pending at 12:45 pm to choose a session on Human Capital or go on with my field of Instructional Design. Well, I chose the former and headed to Joseph Grenny‘s session on Change Management: Mastering the Skill of Influence. He was an Inspiration. It was certainly one of the best sessions that I had attended. Everyone wants to be an influencer, but do we all know how we could be one? He answers this quintessential question. I’m sure if I wouldn’t do justice to the session and his book Influencer. However, a few quotes of the speaker that I really appreciated during the session, look closely and you might gain much out of it: “Influencers succeed, where the rest of us fail, as they “over-determine” success.” “Influencing is the master skill of life.” “We are naive about the influence of our behavior.” “Influencing is a science of leading change.” “Change the way people think, through vicarious ways of storytelling.” “Change methods without social pressures.” “We often underinvest the ability side of things.” It was time to move on with the exposition… There was a Time Management session listed on my phone as part of my planned schedule. Considering myself to be good at time management, I thought I should give it a shot and see how it goes, maybe, might be helpful. But nah, it wasn’t quite so intriguing. I ran for the awaited ice-cream break 😉 and then voila, you end up bumping into more people, the Axonify team joined me and the team from Emirates NBD Bank, Dubai… It’s always fun to catch up with them in the middle of the sessions, during breaks. After I’d licked off the creamy stick, like a child, I rushed to see what the One and Only Kirkpatrick’s had in store. It was a session, I waited for the most. It was absolutely value for my time. I wished Don Kirkpatrick was there himself, but taking the Kirkpatrick Model and the legacy forward, were James Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kirkpatrick together. It was an honor to hear about the Kirkpatrick’s four levels 1- Reaction, 2 – Learning, 3 – Behavior, 4 – Results;  from the experts themselves. Evaluation is such an important aspect of anything we do in life. I really liked and appreciated the new Kirkpatrick Model, which is more holistic for talent development solutions. The new forward thinking approach is to use the Blended Evaluation, which is a methodology for data collection using multiple sources and with or under two or more levels of the model. Personally, I believe, you cannot avoid the blended evaluation in today’s day and age. With limited time, rather practically no time for evaluation, we need to ensure we gather multiple sources, within multiple levels to get the most effective data. Also, that’s not it, use the PIE approach! PIE is the three step program, Planning -> Execution -> Demonstration of Value. Along the way, always remember, the most crucial are Level 3 and Level 4. Raise your bar through milestones and reaching the desired results with evaluation. I have a passion for Social Media Marketing and of course using social media for training and instruction delivery. With specific focus in mind, I thought I could benefit from the strategies that Laz parking had adopted in its learning and development program. Since was the day for the networking night, most people had already fled. 🙂 Networking night was super fun and interesting! I swear there was barely any networking done at the Universal Studios, perhaps a little bit before or after, maybe during the shuttle rides but none otherwise. Overall it was fun and as I like to call it ‘learnsome’ day!

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