The #ATD2015 Series: Day2 – General Sessions, Exposition and Social Media :)

18 May, 2015:

I barely slept the night before Day, 2. 18th May, 2015 started with the general session, early morning Andrea Jung,CEO of Grameen America and former CEO of Avon, delighted the audiences with her key message on #leadershipdevelopment that CEOs need to act as Chief a Talent Officers and follow the vision of the company from top to bottom, across cultures and segments. Her work with Avon was the highlight of the talk.

This was the day that the EXPO started the halls were bustling with several professional teams from gamification, mobile learning, academic universities, consultancies, and more. It was a noisy bazaar there… Everyone had a bribe to offer 😉 well almost everyone. People seemed to running after the goodies more than anything else. I spent quite some time at the global village, where I did a little bit of networking, then later at the EXPO.

My first session stop was at Dan Steer‘s Practical use of social media in formal learning. He owned the attendees right at the start of the session. Involved us as soon as we stepped in. I even won a quickie prize at his session. 🙂

Two of his objectives that you need to know:

  • Be able to map learning objectives to social media
  • Be able to list at least 10 social media tools and activities

Some of the resources he shared are: Padlet, Aurasma, Prezi, Socrative, wikis, pearltrees, Facebook, vine, YouTube linkedin, Twitter. They are great for interactions,I’ve personally used them for synchronous and asynchronous collaborations.

One key take away, which we hear from many but least apply: “never do something in class which can be done outside of class.”

The energy around #ATD2015 could be seen everywhere, I didn’t want to waste anytime, if you did see me, I would have either been talking to about work, maybe instructional design and media or running around with my phone, looking for the right room to be in. (Reads like most people).

I headed to Lou Russell‘s session- It’s a project: Managing the transition from ADDIE  to SAM or AGILE. I was absolutely looking forward to a pedantic ADDIE to SAM or AGILE based talk, which would be informative but at the same time dull and boring. To my surprise Lou just knew her stuff with a funny bone. She presented in the most dynamic manner. I love interactive sessions and hers was particularly quite interactive for the subject. (It was my day, I got a quickie prize again 😉

She used a mix of practical methodologies to evolve the way we perceive ID, ADDIE, SAM, Agile and the stakeholders and the factors involved around them.

Some points from the session I gathered to think about:

  • Do we actually need multiple sign offs after every step of ADDIE?
  • How do you usually begin designing your instructions/solutions?
  • How long it should take and does it take to create the client suggested instruction?
  • Why do you consider ID highly iterative and do we take measures to sort it?
  • Can you assess and analyze gaps before the start of the project? Do you actually convince your team to do it?
  • Do you only use ADDIE due to its simplicity and linearity?
  • What makes SAM and Agile very different from ADDiE approach?
  • How do you think you can flexibly move either of them?
  • Who is running the show for your project and how can that person actually help?
  • How can you start small and build on your focus?
  • Last but not the least “Methodologies can’t save buttheads” 😉

With that I ended the day and then simply proceeded to the awards night at Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios, to see my husband get the award for excellence in his L&D work. It was quite a night. Stepping inside Universal Studios was a tad awkward initially as everyone at Universal Studios were looking at us, coming in wearing formal dresses and suits… anyways… we brushed it off! ;
The evening was long and tiring and till the time we went back to our hotel, it was past midnight, I quickly wrapped up some of my work, which I had to submit and went off to sleep by 3 am. Phew!

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