The tools and methodologies for social media led training.

There are plenty of tools available these days to satiate the growing demand in training. Here are some useful categorical tools for training purposes.

Social Media tools are plenty but choosing the right tool for the correct audience and the right end objective in mind is most important. Before we begin, think of the ways you plan a training session, the strategies you use and the methodology you adopt for training. How many times do you actually run out of ideas to train employees innovatively?

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Largely the tools we are talking about here are free to use. Most social tools are about communications social sharing and even information based. So how do you distinguish them and Continue reading “The tools and methodologies for social media led training.”

How social media can help in ‘corporate training’?

It’s time to rest your apprehensions on social media and just start using the awesome social media tools in your training

Whether you are a traditional classroom trainer, or an expert in eLearning or virtual training, an understanding of social media can help you immensely.

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It is important to understand the different uses of social media, recall the different types of useable social media that exist, understand the ways to social learning community

We are living in a connected world where individuals spend nearly Continue reading “How social media can help in ‘corporate training’?”