How social media can help in ‘corporate training’?

It’s time to rest your apprehensions on social media and just start using the awesome social media tools in your training

Whether you are a traditional classroom trainer, or an expert in eLearning or virtual training, an understanding of social media can help you immensely.

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It is important to understand the different uses of social media, recall the different types of useable social media that exist, understand the ways to social learning community

We are living in a connected world where individuals spend nearly 6-7 hours of their waking hours on the phone constantly being on their phone, either chatting, being active on social media. While there is a constant need of staying connected today, even then people tend to get bored very easily. The term “engagement” is all the more important these days. Even with all the technology available today, using the right tool in the right place is important. Social media can be used for 6 main aspects of training:

  • Engage different kinds of learners in the ways that can make them comfortable: Learners of different types, whether kinesthetic, auditory or visual learner, can be asked to provide an interesting and chosen creative way of presenting their introduction to fellow learners outside of classroom before the training actually begins.
  • Allow learners to learn on first hand basis, online and offline, anytime, beyond socialization: trainees can be given questions on platforms where they will log in at their own time, under a given time-frame and interact and learn from peers, trainers and subject matter experts on first hand basis.
  • Use a platform for brainstorming, problem solving and team-building: employees need a platform these days where can connect and stay in touch with their colleagues and peers beyond face to face communication.
  • Enable self-paced, self-motivated and spliced learning: when employees have less time for training and more scope for improvement, a self-paced and self motivated environment helps through social media.
  • Assess and evaluate success of training: sometimes when emails or face to face methods of assessment and evaluation fail, social media tools can be quick and easy to take.
  • Merge organizational workforce across cultures, sectors and departments: given the scope of reach ability across time zones and functions, social media tools can provide greater understanding of organizational culture. It brings together a global community at a local level.
  • Social media can be a boon and a bane, based on the way one uses it. Being an online medium it has its severe advantages and some disadvantages too. However, once you begin to understand how social media is useful, it can be adopted across cultures, cross-functions and departments.

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