Make Your Goals Achievable!

The new year is just a couple of hours away and we’ve set our eyes on the coming year to be better than the one we had this year… Right? At least, we all think and try to get there. I wasn’t a big fan of yearly goal setting rather I would think that I should make 5-year plans and try to “focus” on them. Has it worked for me? Totally! However, it didn’t work for me quite the way I thought it would. Though I got the big picture right, but what about the mechanism of achieving those goals? That was not quite what it should’ve been. I’ve always envisioned what I want and worked for it.

Empty asphalt road towards cloud and signs symbolizing success a
Road to Success Begins with your Goals!

Over the years, what I have realized is that it is important to “write down” the goals you have envisioned. Not just write it down anywhere but in a place, you would want to revisit them and view them. It is important to write your goals rather than
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World of Introverts: Understanding Yourself, Them, and Working Effectively!

I am a big fan of debates that spring up often regarding different personality types and how can one “deal” with them at work. I love to hear people talk about different perceptions regarding what or rather who, is the “right fit” for the society, for the workplace, also at home.

For instance, my mother-in-law loves to say that my husband, i.e. her son, is an introvert just like her. She loves this idea and has been instilling it in my husband since he was a child. Indeed being the only child, he had been a loner but he is quite the gregarious guy I’ve known, and even his, and my friends would agree! Anyways, the point of this is that though my mother-in-law is a lovely woman, she is also headstrong about her opinions and has set perceptions regarding introverts and extroverts, and believes that the former is better than the latter. She is intimidated by extroverts. Being an introvert herself, she feels that her “type” is better than the other and should be preferred. The reason I shared this little anecdote, is to stress upon the fact that often we fall prey to what other believe is the right side.

In reality, there is no right or wrong or better or worse type here.IMG_0077 The universal truth is that introverts, extroverts and even ambiverts (yes, there is a word like that) exist in our society. Our presumed extrovert society exerts pressure on introverts to be an extrovert all the Continue reading “World of Introverts: Understanding Yourself, Them, and Working Effectively!”