Art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Everyday!

I have been pondering over what “feedback” does to us, for quite a while now. The thought regarding feedback – both seeking and giving – came to me in one of the training discussions, where we were exploring the concept of ‘learning through the lifespan of adulthood.’ One of my peers spoke about her feelings on feedback, as she said, ‘she stopped seeking feedback from her parents, since it didn’t add value to her growth!’ What she was truly referring to was the societal perception, provided to another person, so that one conforms to the situation. Now, this could be good or bad, however, let me ask you the following questions:Feedback_PCUInc

How many times have you asked your friends?  – Am I looking fat? Is my make-up OK? Am I dressed well for this meeting? Do I need to carry the presentation with me? – Of course these are simple questions for which we need simple responses and that is feedback provided to us, when we need it. When we seek feedback in the most subtle forms Continue reading “Art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Everyday!”

Mindfulness: Importance of Your Presence in the Present

Every individual is grappling with short attention span these days. The increase in the number of distractions and the information overload results in a distracted and fuzzy state of mind. In a world, where we are expected to deliver work and deadlines due for yesterday, what really works is a mindful approach than just a mind full of s**t.


It was August last year, when I authentically started my fitness journey (I say authentically, because before that I was either just following crash diets or being a part of a fad fitness phase). During this fitness journey, I got introduced to yoga, which did more good to my mind and body, in less amount of time. The most important thing yoga taught me was how to be mindful i.e. to be present in the moment – while being active, focused and attentive of the environment without any judgement. I’m not saying that yoga is THE method to seek Continue reading “Mindfulness: Importance of Your Presence in the Present”

Get over the disease of ‘busyness’ to live a LIFE!

Not so long ago, I had read an article that said, “being busy is not a badge of honor.” Those lines are absolutely true! I simply want to say it to all those beautiful, humbling and awesome people out there, who think they are cursed with the disease of being “too busy,” that making time for work-play-life-family-and more is TOTALLY possible! It is in your hands [a little reality check here] to be busy or not to be! Be careful regarding what tag you are attaching to your day, week, month, schedule etc. It is all about how do you classify your time, manage it and most importantly project it!

Did you know about the psychological aspects of using the term busy constantly? Well it not only drains your energy but also convinces your mind that you cannot perform too well anymore. I came across a beautiful research on the psychological aspects of using certain terms, especially this monster four letter word: BUSY.

It is most of the time that we MANUFACTURE our busyness, to make ourselves feel better than someone else. Busy NotPCUIncHowever, we don’t realize the damage that term term is doing to us, to our friends and families (with whom we talk about “our lives” being so busy). Manufacturing busyness is Continue reading “Get over the disease of ‘busyness’ to live a LIFE!”

Bad/Good Customer Service: Checked your Social Media?

Just last year, I was exploring an opportunity for my grad-school project – in needs assessment and analysis for training and development – and I was looking to work with a prospective client (a local bank) that I had on my mind. I’d worked with them before so, I knew them well. I wanted to check out the bank’s website, social media profiles and any other results that drew up on search engines. I found something really weird happening on social media. A lot of people were talking about the bank’s bad customer service on twitter, Facebook and online forums. (I was surprised)customer-experience-customer-loyaltyI thought this wasn’t right, something is amiss – and turns out it was! This is a reputable bank of UAE and the middle east as well, I figured that it wasn’t Continue reading “Bad/Good Customer Service: Checked your Social Media?”

Unleash your inner creativity for a fulfilling life!

I will start with a little piece of inspiration. Every time my husband comes home after a bad day at work, he gets his canvas and his paints out, he sits in silence and starts to paint. He creates whatever fancies him at that moment. I often tell him, “it’s a great job” even if it wouldn’t be. There are two reasons behind my empathetic and appreciative behavior. CreativeCollagePCUINC

The first, I know what his art means to him, it is NOT a medium of expression for him, it’s just play time and therapy to unwind after a long day of work. Secondly, I want to encourage him, just like a mother would encourage a child to hone a talent, when they see potential ;). Mind you he wasn’t always so inclined to paint. I noticed one day how he admired art work, how he tried to emulate it digitally and Continue reading “Unleash your inner creativity for a fulfilling life!”

It’s Possible! – Multitasking Without Draining Yourself

Do you really need to get more done during the day because there is no other option? Or you think you don’t have the luxury of time (like most of us)? Well then multitasking is the way for you! And I’m going to tell you that yes! It is absolutely-paloutely possible! It is! I’ve tried it, and I’ve tested it, and I’ve recommended it, and tested it, again. It works! Well there is plenty of research in the market that claims that multitasking isn’t the most effective and doesn’t yield the most perfect outcomes. To them, I want to ask what do they really mean by the term “effective” and “perfect”? Well the word perfect I have a problem with, because since childhood I’ve tried to be perfect at EVERYTHING, yes, only to realize that nothing in this life can be perfected! So, the truth is, you can multitask to get more out of yourself, if YOU WANT to, in a more credible and authentic way.

To be honest, I don’t get the hullabaloo regarding multitasking. I really can’t think of any person in this whole world who doesn’t multitask… Also, “some” women undoubtedly get more done within the day than men. Nevertheless, we all are running a huge multitasking game in this world. Of course, I’m going to get comments like are you sure? What, really?

But it is true… look around you or within you. BrainSmart-Bosst-Brain-Performance-300x225

Well let’s begin with this simple example, how many of you listen to music while reading, jogging, gymming, working? Doesn’t it aid your performance? It definitely aids performance for 90% of the folks in the world. Well I’m pretty sure many of us do that… why? Because humans are conditioned to multitask all the time! Last but not the least, don’t you poop and read a paper or Continue reading “It’s Possible! – Multitasking Without Draining Yourself”