It’s Possible! – Multitasking Without Draining Yourself

Do you really need to get more done during the day because there is no other option? Or you think you don’t have the luxury of time (like most of us)? Well then multitasking is the way for you! And I’m going to tell you that yes! It is absolutely-paloutely possible! It is! I’ve tried it, and I’ve tested it, and I’ve recommended it, and tested it, again. It works! Well there is plenty of research in the market that claims that multitasking isn’t the most effective and doesn’t yield the most perfect outcomes. To them, I want to ask what do they really mean by the term “effective” and “perfect”? Well the word perfect I have a problem with, because since childhood I’ve tried to be perfect at EVERYTHING, yes, only to realize that nothing in this life can be perfected! So, the truth is, you can multitask to get more out of yourself, if YOU WANT to, in a more credible and authentic way.

To be honest, I don’t get the hullabaloo regarding multitasking. I really can’t think of any person in this whole world who doesn’t multitask… Also, “some” women undoubtedly get more done within the day than men. Nevertheless, we all are running a huge multitasking game in this world. Of course, I’m going to get comments like are you sure? What, really?

But it is true… look around you or within you. BrainSmart-Bosst-Brain-Performance-300x225

Well let’s begin with this simple example, how many of you listen to music while reading, jogging, gymming, working? Doesn’t it aid your performance? It definitely aids performance for 90% of the folks in the world. Well I’m pretty sure many of us do that… why? Because humans are conditioned to multitask all the time! Last but not the least, don’t you poop and read a paper or something on your iPad? Whoever said that MULTITASKING doesn’t exist, must be joking and I really don’t know how my expression would look like to him/her.

Multitasking very much exists almost every sphere of our life, at work, at home, at the salon, at the gym, you name it, you got it!  Yes, these activities I’m talking about are tasks that your brain receives and works upon simultaneously, because it’s ought to.

ImportantIf you are the kind who wants to get more work done during a day, because you have to, then I suggest you follow these 6 golden rules to go by:

  1. Identify the right goals that you need to juggle – Remember the “3 Goals a Day Productivity Tip on my Facebook Page? Well yes, that is something that you need to do even while multitasking – write it down and stick to your tasks within those goals, during the day. If you do not have set goals you might end up being unproductive nevertheless and blame it on multitasking. If you just have “sporadic and random bursts” of work, you will only drain your energy and FEEL busy, without being productivity.
  2.  Identify the time to focus on two or more ‘doable’ tasks – You will need to still be organized to get your tasks done, so ensure you have planned it out efficiently, through the day – So, whether it is getting the groceries done, while talking to your mother or finishing your emails while prepping the meal… or even reading up on the article that you’ve got to write while doing your morning business. Realize the tasks you can easily switch in between.
  3.  Plan leeway and buffer time – Like any kind of project, I recommend – precaution is better than cure – in other words, buffer time between tasks is better than lag time.” So ensure when you plan your jobs of the day, no matter what they are, even if it is getting your child to eat to drafting that pitch presentation, you need to ensure there is enough flexibility and extra time to complete the task. And voila, if you finish it faster, you can add more or take time off! 🙂
  4.  Prioritize and strike off unnecessary tasks – Again, it is better to get the task written down so that you are sure you know your priority matrix. However, in this priority matrix each zone/quadrant should focus on two or more task that you can flippingly do together. You can also check the chore chart, that I found pretty cute and interesting.
  5. Eliminate distractions (actually distractions that don’t let you perform) In all this, while you are juggling with multiple tasks, do you need to add a few more that will distract you from one task as well, forget two or more? Then just realize what your distractions are, is it your phone buzzing? Or your social media calling you? Then shut them off and plan them for later so that you are distraction free!
  6.  Enjoy doing it all – Most of all, these tasks can only be done without draining you when you make them enjoyable, tell yourself, that you are learning something great and moving on wonderfully on to the next level by successfully completing these jobs. So enjoy every moment of it, since it won’t come back and you might end up saying this quote – tomorrow I’d say, I wish I had started yesterday! So, get going…

But at the end, importantly, I would also like to add that if you want to do deep thinking work or a focused activity then perhaps you want to only focus on one task and not many. 😉


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