Unleash your inner creativity for a fulfilling life!

I will start with a little piece of inspiration. Every time my husband comes home after a bad day at work, he gets his canvas and his paints out, he sits in silence and starts to paint. He creates whatever fancies him at that moment. I often tell him, “it’s a great job” even if it wouldn’t be. There are two reasons behind my empathetic and appreciative behavior. CreativeCollagePCUINC

The first, I know what his art means to him, it is NOT a medium of expression for him, it’s just play time and therapy to unwind after a long day of work. Secondly, I want to encourage him, just like a mother would encourage a child to hone a talent, when they see potential ;). Mind you he wasn’t always so inclined to paint. I noticed one day how he admired art work, how he tried to emulate it digitally and I decided to help him realize that he is “worthy of his creativity” that he can pursue it and make peace within, to live a more fulfilled life. Since then, he hasn’t looked back…


Well now, let’s see what is creativity actually?

It is simply the use of ideas and imagination to create something. And the good news is – we are all creators, unless you are so lazy, (that’s right) that you simply do not know the joy of creating something new and beautiful.

Do we all have creative talents? 

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Well think about the food you ate today, did you create it? If yes, then you are a creator! And a creative person. (Thinking what the hell am I saying?) Well, creativity can be anything! It could be you prepping your meal differently, or creating fusion food, tailoring a dress, creating a painting, sketching a portrait, sculpting an art, writing a book or a story or a blog or even artistic instagraming, photography, creating digital art, shooting a film, designing a house, doodling, planting trees, creating bonsai, quilting, knitting, poetry, singing, dancing and so much more. OK I don’t have all day to list these but you know what I mean… It’s only a matter of looking within to realize which creative pursuit you are drawn to. If you are scientific believer of results, I would recommend that you try out one of these tests to check your creative strengths: Creative Style Test (which is my favorite); The Creativity Quiz (for the quirky ones);  Test my Creativity.

Now, how can you understand and hone your inner creative talent?

If you feel you DON’T have any creative talents then, you are absolutely wrong! You have it in you and you can unleash your creativity for a more mindful, therapeutic and meaningful, professional and personal life. I attended a session by Erik Wahl on the the last day of ATD’s International Conference in May, 2015 and I left the room not only inspired but also thinking about how talented human being are. We are constantly told by our families, relatives, friends or not really friends that we aren’t good enough. Of course, many don’t just say it on our faces but it leaves an impression of worthlessness for life. Bottom line: NEVER listen to those people, just know how awesome you are. Go by what Erik Wahl said, when you were a child and if someone asked you, can you draw. Didn’t you raise your hand up then, most eagerly? (I’m summing him up but its true!) What’s stopping you now?

Here are a four steps to getting your inner creativity out:

  1. Embrace your inner creative voice: Inevitably we all have that inner voice that speaks to us and tells us to either sing or paint or dance or write or prepare an unusually fancy meal and live our inner creative life. So, listen to that voice, if it tells you write – go write, if it tells you to dance – go dance, if it tells you to create a vase – go take a pottery class and get to it! Just do it and embrace your inner creativity. You never know you might even want to TRY OTHER THINGS and expand your creative horizon.
  2. Get rid of your FEAR: Let me tell you in the most empathetic and supportive way that often it is your fear of rejection, or being unsupported or being laughed at or being ridiculed or <negative emotion> that stops you from your fulfilling the creative life. You need to get rid of your fear this moment and take a creative plunge.
  3. Get inspired and throw ideas at yourself: Go and look for inspiration because it doesn’t just come to you (often not, but sometimes yes). Look up on social media, go on nature trails, lay down on a beach or sit by your window sill, listen to a podcast while driving, take a long shower and ponder about the world, read an interesting article or a book. IDEAS WOULD COME RUNNING TO YOU! These ideas can be anything that your creativity is remotely connected to. It could be ideas about doing a new lamp for your house, or writing a journal for yourself (yes! that is creativity).
  4. Grab your medium of expression: Once you have your ideas and know what you need to do, get all the materials that you need, if it is a painting canvas you want – get it! You need clay for sculpting- get it! Need to start writing then – grab a diary or open a blog! Just do it- grab it!
  5. Wear blinders, put your ear plugs on and get going: Lastly, wear those blinders, get those ear plugs with blasting music and focus on your own path. Don’t listen to someone if they don’t have constructive criticisms to offer but only negative nag of no good. Don’t compare yourself to others but get going to the best of your  abilities.

Creativity is certainly not a quality you are born with or without. It is something that is discovered, honed and improved upon through real and dexterous work. So, let’s do this and set out on the creative journey.

Though there are a lot of creative inspirations out there but the two books, from which I drew my inner creative inspiration were:

Erik Wahl’s UnThink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


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