Hard work and smart work leads you to success!

I was the hardest of the hard workers in school, college and at work. However, I felt that I wasn’t doing enough and that the others might be getting ahead of me by doing just a little. Even though I felt, some of the folks around me weren’t working as hard as I do, they might have been getting “ahead” with very little effort. Now, mind you, I am not condemning those people, honestly, I  wasn’t dejected or looking down upon anything or anyone.


I wanted to introspect and reflect upon what I was doing wrong or maybe not appropriately, to reach my competitive edge. I wanted to really observe and apply any tactic that could benefit me (and see if it was a good fit). The great revelation I had was that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but I had to do a little bit more (nope, not to work harder than what I already was doing, instead work smarter).

After all these years of beating myself up, I finally understood the drill and that is the golden rule of Continue reading “Hard work and smart work leads you to success!”

Working Effectively with Extroverts!

From my post on the World of Introverts, we know that 50.70% of the world population is introvert and the rest 49.3% of the population is extrovert. IMG_0076Since introverts are actually in a slight majority, (if we take introvertism and extrovertism as absolutes) – what are we really, strategically bringing to the table, to work effectively with extroverts?

I am an ambivert, which means I am in the middle of being an extrovert and an introvert. Since MBTI believes only in absolutes, there is no either/or, there is only one preference. Therefore, I was declared an extrovert (a slight extraversion preference).

There are many people like me who can shift between being introverts and extroverts from time to time, depending upon the situations. It wasn’t easy to switch between roles and deal with people, from the Continue reading “Working Effectively with Extroverts!”

You don’t want to listen to other people’s stories?

How many times have you said that you don’t want to listen to other people’s stories – good, bad or ugly? Or felt that no one wants to listen to yours? Or that you don’t have a voice? I’m talking about something basic you might experience at work or at home or socially or even in the virtual sphere these days. Almost everyone has been on one end of the spectrum at times.

I’ve had moments in the past where I wanted to express feelings of really being down in the dumps, or my moments of glory but when I tried talking to people, two things happened: firstly, either people didn’t care about my sad or happy state of mind, because maybe, they were too happy being where they were in life or Continue reading “You don’t want to listen to other people’s stories?”