Working Effectively with Extroverts!

From my post on the World of Introverts, we know that 50.70% of the world population is introvert and the rest 49.3% of the population is extrovert. IMG_0076Since introverts are actually in a slight majority, (if we take introvertism and extrovertism as absolutes) – what are we really, strategically bringing to the table, to work effectively with extroverts?

I am an ambivert, which means I am in the middle of being an extrovert and an introvert. Since MBTI believes only in absolutes, there is no either/or, there is only one preference. Therefore, I was declared an extrovert (a slight extraversion preference).

There are many people like me who can shift between being introverts and extroverts from time to time, depending upon the situations. It wasn’t easy to switch between roles and deal with people, from the opposite personality type – there was a lot of friction, both parties felt that we were misunderstood, or hated or not cared for, even though that really wasn’t the case. It was only the lack of understanding of engaging with different personality types. Though personalities types as per MBTI go beyond the scope of intraversion and extraversiom, I am only focusing on the first pair of psychological preferences.

Once I dug into the situation, I found out ways to deal and interact effectively with introverts and extroverts. This post is dedicated to the effective understanding of working with extroverts. If you are an extrovert trying to work effectively with a fellow extrovert or an introvert, trying to understand the extroverted ways of living, this could really help. This is how one should leave extroverts at work:

  1. Energize within groups: Group work, having people around is something that extroverts thrive on. It provides them with energy and enthusiasm to keep moving forward, work their charm and get their best brains out. When given an opportunity, an extrovert might do a better job in groups. Often when extroverts work in groups, people might get the impression that they are trying to dominate, even if it might not be the case. For them, face to face interactions hold more importance, to avoid any kind of conflict and misunderstanding.
  2. Let them talk and think out loud: Extroverts love to talk their senses out, whether to understand a situation at work, reflect upon a meeting, or to process information. In this case, an introverted partner might be more willing to listen to the extrovert. However, there might be conflict when two extroverts want to talk it out in opposition but it can be easily solved. Getting their innards out in the world enables them to think out loud and be more productive.
  3. Communicate: One thing that extroverts really appreciate, whether from introverts or fellow extroverts is clear communications. Silence scares them and they want to only understand if something is wrong. For instance, if they are intruding your space or getting across to you clearly or not. Once they’ve understood that you are in the clear, and whether or not you need more information they will function accordingly.
  4. Let them be boisterous without labels: Yes, extroverts can be gregarious, yes, they can sometime sound over the top loud but those are only labels. These labels should be avoided consciously. You should be free of judgement and evaluation, internally and externally to really effectively work with extroverts. These labels can sometimes make extroverts unproductive and unable to function well in the team. Instead of giving them labels, revel in their energy.
  5. Let them own the space with clearly set boundaries: Extroverts really value boundaries as much as introverts do, for instance, they might not want to speak about their feelings or emotions, at times. I’m not talking about boundary of   someone intruding an extrovert’s space. While coming and speaking to extroverts is much appreciated, they genuinely want to know and understand if they are overstepping someone’s boundary, without realizing it. Letting an extrovert know firmly about the boundaries they need to adhere to, enables them to respect the other side better and appreciate the space.

If you may need strategic resources then sign up for free here (I promise, they’ll be worth your time). If you appreciated this post, do share it with those who might benefit from it! Drop your comments to start a discussion here or on social media, or drop an email.


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