These 6 steps will lead you to ‘your success’!

You are what you think and you can train your mind into being the proactive high achiever. Simple changes in the mindset can not only enhance your capabilities to achieve more but also maximize your potential.


No matter where you are in your life or what you do in your professional life, or even your personal life, or what you think is your idea of success… these 6 strategics steps will get you closer to your success, everyday. Remember, consistency is the key and you will lead a more positive and productive life each day by following this for anything and everything:

  1. Be active through the day: Ideally, start your day with active engagement and exercises. Makes exercises as a part of your non-negotiable ritual. Research has shown that those who indulge in physical activities, actually have better intellectual capacity and ability to perform. Physical activities and active breaks taken through the day enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills as well. Once we are actively engaged, our cardiovascular system pumps blood into our brain and helps us perform better.
  2. Meditate everyday even if it’s for 2 minutes: Mediation is proven to have positive effects on your physical and mental state. This study proves how meditation can help you become more attentive and mindful about situations. It doesn’t take too much time and can be done anywhere, whether on your way to work or after your morning routine. There are several kinds of meditative practices that you can apply to your daily routine and see the difference.
  3. Discipline yourself by quitting procrastination: Procrastination actually kills a lot of projects. So, whether it requires an accountability partner or getting things timed on scheduler, just get rolling with work and get it done on time. Also, realize often you might need to deliver but may not have all the time, then do delegate, wherever possible and get your personal or professional work done.
  4. Learn the prioritization game: You will stop procrastination when you can prioritize to complete your tasks. Use your scheduler, or the prioritization matrix to get the tasks organized and done on time. Prioritizing is something that most successful people use and apply. It is integral to get the job done in dedicated time. Remember to plan your work in a way that you do have time for things that you love and help you unwind. Believe me, these are actionable steps and once you get into you, you will thrive.
  5. Visit your goals everyday to enhance focus: Goal setting has become extremely common and almost something that makes people raise their brows. However, it works wonders when you really know how to set your goals. This is what you should you – plan only 5 major goals for the year and under them 5 sub-goals for each month. Now, everyday choose 3 tasks that need to do to achieve those goals.
  6. Plan your next day before sleeping: I wasn’t a big fan of scheduling things but I forced myself into the habit of strategic planning, such that I not only remember what I have to do but also get it done on time, every time. Google calendar is my go to source and I put reminders and events all the time for work it out! Just try it!


This article is labor of love, with high amount of research and development effort put into it. If you got value out of this post then do share it with your friends or those who you think might benefit from it. If you need free strategic resources then sign up for free here (I promise, they’ll be worth your time). Drop your comments to share your thoughts or start a discussion here or on social media: Twitter or Facebook.

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10 thoughts on “These 6 steps will lead you to ‘your success’!

        1. You’re not alone… I think I’m pretty productive most of the days but I do get muddled up at times when I put too much on my plate and then can’t focus on the priorities instead just keep scheduling things. And then somethings don’t get done… I’ve learned to only choose 3 things to do in a day. That’s it.

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