Getting Rid of One’s Own Small Thinking!

I’m a big fan of Eckhart Tolle‘s ideologies and his teachings. One thing that has stuck on with me is this: “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.” and this  mentality exists in us without even we realizing it.


I was in a meeting the other day and a woman who is a fellow instructional designer had joined me. I happened to raise a conversation regarding she being absent in communications in Continue reading “Getting Rid of One’s Own Small Thinking!”

How to avoid conflict at workplace and in personal life.

I said, “I would never do that.” and my friend nodded and replied, “I agree, me neither.” We smiled at each other while having our Skype call as though ours was the final word on the topic of discussion. We were talking about a conflict of opinion I had with another friend. I always make an attempt to stay in touch, while there are some who don’t. While having this conversation,  I said, “I don’t know how he (my friend) cannot stay in touch? Just send a chat or text message or call? It is so much more easier than ever to be connected in today’s day and age. I would never behave so stupidly.


That night, I laughed at myself thinking about the irony of “being different” yet wanting others to be aligned in the same thinking as ours. I wanted my friend to empathize with my thoughts, since I thought I was Continue reading “How to avoid conflict at workplace and in personal life.”

Thinking process, emotions, and your productivity!

Last year, I’d read The Free Mind and The Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono. While I was reading it, I got reminded of a beautiful learning experience I had (which I’m sharing  with you now).

Free Thinking MindPCUIntl.png

I am the kind of person who loves good and meaningful cinema, especially animated films. Animated films would almost always have a deeper message and teaches Continue reading “Thinking process, emotions, and your productivity!”

Are you able to balance your work and life?

Maintaining a nearly perfect work-life balance is a hot button topic for learning and development professionals, as much as it is a hot button topic for individuals, working across sectors and industries.


So, here’s something I want to share, before I move on with the actionable stuff! I was working as a publishing editor for a while and the working hours were way too erratic! I would leave for work at 8 am and reach home everyday, latest by 10pm (i.e. a regular day). Thankfully, if I had a “light day” I’d have time to Continue reading “Are you able to balance your work and life?”