Learning in Reflection 4: What’s the trend?

ATD 2016, Day 4 (25 May, 2016):

I jumped out of the bed and kick-started my day with Becky Pike Pluth‘s session, Discover 7 techniques to enhance learner motivated (5 ways to avoid squelching motivation).CjTwDShUkAAi4X3 She built the session around what she was propagating, curiosity. She is an experiential trainer and practically engaged the entire 200+ professionals present at her session. I’m sure, even if there was a 1% chance of someone feeling a little sleepy, would have woken up with the idea of using clickers in the session! Who doesn’t love indulging in a little bit of playful activity? She used game based elements to assess our prior knowledge and what we gathered at her session. Her emphasis on generating curiosity through creative training techniques for the learners, such as games, effective choices given to the learners, along promising objectives, props, to name a few to engage the learners.

Next in line I chose to attend Improv comedy concepts to build better elearning solutions, CjUCq3oUgAQeZ4Vthough I do not have many take aways from the session but I had an awesome time discussing elearning instructional design with an L&D fellow from Norway, sitting next to me.

CjU5jRPUUAA59GHDay 4 was pretty relaxed for me and I loved that I could get to interact with awesome folks at the EXPO hall again… besides the lunch a little chit was always more than welcome there. After the lunch and a little bit of gallivanting, it was time for Lessons from Down Under by Emma Weber and Michelle Ockers. Their case study of learning transfer of leaders of Coca-Cola Amatil was brilliant. They spoke of strategy that cuts through the noise and leads to higher impact learning.  20160612_152521They used tested action plans and facilitated group teleconference sessions as a learning transfer solution among other solutions for a control group and other group. It deemed as a good session to attend towards the end of the conference.

Last but not the least, CjVNtsKVEAAnreqI was up and about and really excited for Jeremy Gutche’s keynote. For those of you, who don’t know Jeremy, he is the master of TrendHunting. His keynote was not only interactive but also had great insights on becoming better and faster! Today’s day and age we clearly don’t have time but we really have to enhance our skills to the next levels, his 6 key strategies mentioned in his book Better and Faster were just a precursor to what potential we can reach. He left me with a great thought that said:CjVUZGEUUAAgLMI Work hard as though 10000 people are waiting to eat your lunch. That’s true in a lot of ways to ensure you are driven and motivated to learn better and move in life faster.


What are your thoughts? Are you trying to move up in life fast? Where is that you want to reach? What is it that you think you must do or someone else should do to maximize potential and aid performance? Write it in the comments below or on the Facebook page. You can even start a conversation on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Learning in Reflection 4: What’s the trend?

  1. The word curiosity came in a few of the sessions you attended. I do beleive it is an important element in engaging learners.


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