Importance of soft skills and why we should hone them.

My husband and I have extremely high regard for good customer service. When we see a good example of customer service, we make sure we laud it and when we see some awful service, we also have it in us, to let people know that they’re being inappropriate. It feels like a social service, more like an obligation to us ;). It also feels as though the world would be a better place, when we have compassionate folks around us, who really understand another human being (how many times have you felt that?). The reason why I am using the example of customer service is because, firstly, we can all relate to it at some point and secondly, it what makes us experience “luxury, comfort, mediocre, good, bad or ugly.”

Businesspeople having meeting in their office.

At the crux of any customer service lies the ability to understand the emotions and use them while interacting with the customers. Now, that applies to EVERY SPHERE of our lives too. Emotions, thinking process and Continue reading “Importance of soft skills and why we should hone them.”

Growth Mindset: Strengthen and sustain your emotional intelligence.

I’ve heard this statement from so many friends of mine: “how is someone’s life so perfect! They go on perfect vacations, have the perfect families, get the best pictures clicked, wear the best clothes…” and then comes, “their lives are so perfect!” And I look at them in shock. But I must admit I’ve been no saint and I’ve been victim of this toxic comparison too. However, couple of years back, since the realization of this sickness, I’ve cleared up my side of the mess and always appreciated those folks having a good time. AND most importantly, I’ve believed my life to be perfect (and definitely a blessing)!

The man in the office

Now, I’m not just saying this for the heck of it. It is pretty easy
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