Practical ways of not getting distressed at work and life!

Stress can be a performance enhancer in most situations. However, it has become quite the negative term that we use every single day. We definitely lead busy lives and with the competition increasing, we surely have a lot on our plates. And of course, we have the same number of hours to complete those tasks. So, while we notice some can easily complete tasks expected of them do, why is that the others aren’t able to? Why is it that some feel so stressed and overburdened that it begins to affect their health and even performance outcomes? Well, the first response to that would be we are all wired differently, and we cope with situations differently.

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How humor helps you stay motivated and to motivate others at work.

My husband and I used to work together before we fell in love and got hitched. 😉 The one thing that I really love about him [rather got attracted to even then, among other things], was, his approach to humor. He would always make things a little funny and little fun, even in the most stressful and grave situations. He would always tell me “life’s too short to be sad and serious.” I often  discredited that and would always tell him, “easy for you to say it.” However, over the years I’ve really learned to cherished his ability to humor things out in most critical times and making situations seem better. It is his best asset at work too.

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Compassion is the key to successful performance outcomes.

I am a type A personality, and an MBTI type of ENTJ, which makes me a leader who really pushes herself to move ahead, get things done faster and quicker (You can read my articles on Extroverts and Introverts to know more about MBTI Types). My types can sometimes come across as pushy and commanding because of my preferential and innate ability to manage, set goals and reach higher outcomes, without deterring. I am the type you come to, to ensure you GET THE JOB DONE. And not just done, get it done better and faster. I run a competition with my own self and while I am in that race, I tend to overlook certain situations of people around me, unintentionally. I soon realized that while I am getting the work done, people around me weren’t feeling comfortable and secure. Without even verbally saying it, I made them feel that I am not interested to listen to your situations, which in the human world is the worst one could do. However it wasn’t intentional, neither was I wrong in my expectations nor were the people wrong in their situations. It was only lack of compassion from our end.

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Time management techniques that make you thrive.

Let me start with the headlines again: Time management techniques that make you thrive at work and in life! Aren’t we all guilty of saying “I don’t have time.” We are always so negative about time, or shall I say, always cursing time that it “isn’t on our side.” “It’s an unquestioned truth of modern life: we are starved for time.” as said by Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.


Time is definitely the only asset that each one of us have in the same amount. We all have 24 hours in a day. Then why is it some folks get more done in those 12-18 hours of the  waking time? And why is it that some can’t get enough done even in that much time? Why is it that we say, “I wish I had more time?” Well, it’s because we measure our time in two ways, such as: Continue reading “Time management techniques that make you thrive.”

9 communications mistakes you might be making everyday.

Did you just roll your eyes and did you think to yourself that you know what is going to come next in this post? Well, if you assumed you knew, then this is definitely the stuff you’d want to read. Assumptions, especially in communication, can be the biggest mistake you could make! Whether at work or in our personal lives, we all have either been victims or culprits of bad communications. Sometime we term them as “misunderstandings” sometimes we term them as “miscommunication” or just a bad day, filled with emotions that spilled all over.

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