Practical ways of not getting distressed at work and life!

Stress can be a performance enhancer in most situations. However, it has become quite the negative term that we use every single day. We definitely lead busy lives and with the competition increasing, we surely have a lot on our plates. And of course, we have the same number of hours to complete those tasks. So, while we notice some can easily complete tasks expected of them do, why is that the others aren’t able to? Why is it that some feel so stressed and overburdened that it begins to affect their health and even performance outcomes? Well, the first response to that would be we are all wired differently, and we cope with situations differently.

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Largely, our immediate response in times of “stress” is – “I’m stressed because of work overload.” Or “I’m so drained.” Or “I will lose my mind.” Or “I’ve got too much to do and very little time.

I’ve heard people from all walks of life, lead stressful lives, and everyday amounts to more – whether you are a working mom, a housewife, stay at home dad, entrepreneur, white collared or blue collared worker, retiree or even a school going kid.

I’ve been through the most distressing situations too and come out of it with an ability to perform my best in any given situation. The journey wasn’t easy. There was a lot at stake. Yeap! Let me share. I’ve personally reduced my stress over 90% in the past decade by making simple changes to my routine. I’ve suggested the same to my coaching clients and they really work. Believe me I used to freak out and stress out a lot often. I was frequently gaining weight, eating rubbish, had frequent headaches, became an insomniac, bad hair fall, bad skin, had upset stomach all the time, and even started getting memory loss. I was also diagnosed with borderline diabetes. 😦 Sadly true. I knew I had to take charge of my situations and started making conscious decisions. Ultimately any kind of training or learning or coaching won’t be of help, until and unless you decide to work it out. Any kind of transformation or habit change is a journey and I too am on one.

Believe me, everyone goes through stress, good bad or ugly. However, the thing to note here is that stress should not be made into distress (which kills). Distress is when we take a little stress and amplify the situation into an averse and negative state of mind, and fail to think appropriate in a given situation.

We associate the term stress with all the negative emotions. So often that it can be the biggest limiting factor for our personal and professional development. It is important to manage stress because you need to calm down your nervous system, create new habits, and change quality of your thoughts and change the life. So here are the couple of tried and tested practical ways of managing stress:

  1. Make a list: Yes! You need to start with this simple and easy to do activity. Get a pen and paper out and write down all the things in life that stress you out. Once you’ve noted the areas that really get you worried – those that increase your heart rate,  makes you feel nauseated, makes you want to puke, makes you feel anxious of everything that stresses you out to be prepared – you will be better prepared for situations
  2. Remember, everything is temporary: Nothing really lasts forever and it will remain only for a short while. So, whenever you find yourselves in times of stress, bust it with some sort of affirmation that next day will be better and it sure will be. Choose to be happy and focus on managing the task at hand.
  3. Take one day at a time and one thing at a time:man showing time out hand gesture frustrated screaming stop Even if you are a multitasker like me, you still need to organize yourself and your schedule things appropriately. Once you get take one thing at a time (even if it is with another one thing), you need to realize that once you are dedicated towards a task, you will focus better and be faster at completing it. thereby eliminating any stresses of your life.
  4. Choose your performance factors appropriately: What I mean by that is you: i) set your expectations of yourself right, so that you are most efficient, don’t ever compare with anyone else. ii) Say no to procrastination so that you are most available in a situation. iii) Be optimistic and start getting things done so that they are off your list in time. iv) Stop that fearful nagging voice inside your head which only wants to take you to doom. v) Learn to manage time more efficiently, each time and every time – it is one asset that everyone has the same amount.
  5. Modify your health related habits: As hard as that has been for me, healthy eating habits and even exercises have paid the highest dividends in eliminating stress. Especially, one hour of workout a day can really bust your stress away and make you much much happier a being.  This allows you to have a more proactive approach in your life.
  6. Increase your mastery level, one step at a time: Remember that you cannot really be a master of all trades at once. So, don’t try to do it all in one go and then stress out even more. Understand where can you put your best foot forward first, in life and at work, and make your move around that. This helps tremendously to give you a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel worthy of your attempts.

Please note: There is a difference between managing stress/distress and dealing with depression. They are two different terms. Understand the difference between Anxiety, stress and Depression, to be able to take appropriate measures. If you are dealing with anxiety and stress, a performance coach, like me, would be able to help you. However, if you are depressed, do seek help from a professional counselor.


Now, you tell me: Is there a specific method that you follow to get rid of stress? How do you prevent any kind of stress? I am sure you might have certain intriguing answers, so go ahead and put it down in comments below. 🙂

This post is a labor of love. So, I would be really appreciative of you, if you share it with your friends, family or across your social media. Share away!:)

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8 thoughts on “Practical ways of not getting distressed at work and life!

  1. Hey TE folks. At first I was irked with this post. I thought to myself that I have to comment to say shut up. But then I realized how valid and doable your actionable insights are. I didn’t want to write something down but then I definitely gave it a go (what you’ve said here) and realized that it works. At first I thought this might just be another random post but I’m glad I went ahead to read it. It works.


    1. Your reaction makes me smile. I’m so grateful that you said the truth. It might affect and irritate someone at first because we see ourselves as such wonderful beings. Only with reflection do we actually realize we might be wrong too – not to the world moreover tot ourselves. Thanks so much for writing in.


  2. I took one day at a time and tried all the strategies that you’ve listed here. The first thing that I observed was that how much distrust I had in the content at first. But it Totally Changed and Edified me. I realized I need to change my thinking and just try. Maybe just do it. See if it works cause only then will I know if it actually does and guess what. It worked. My stress levels are much lesser now. Do you have a course I can take? I look forward to more.


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