How to rid yourself from a complaining mentality and culture.

Friends, family, colleagues, better halves or our customers and clients, tell us so many stories and random things. But if we observe, wouldn’t you agree, at least 50% of the times, the most common conversations revolve around complaints?


Sometimes it gets so ingrained that we don’t even realize that we’re complaining. I’ll share an incident about two people I knew at work. Both of them taught me great deal about why need to stop complaining. The first person I Continue reading “How to rid yourself from a complaining mentality and culture.”

What makes me a good performance coach?

I thank God and thank my husband’s wisdom, I got out of a kind of silly thinking. He convinced me to continue working as an elearning instructional designer and a performance coach, since I am good at it. My husband was firm with me and said, “you’re on the right track, which is why you are getting extreme comments and remarks.” I looked at him as though questioning him, and he said, “When this happens, one must know that they’re on the right track (this goes for any profession and even for personal life).” And that is absolutely true. Wondering what am I talking about? Well you’ll know as you read on.

Rear view of teacher giving a lecture.

The question mentioned on the headlines, pops up in direct or indirect conversations, each and every time when I speak with my clients, friends, fellow L&D professionals and even family. At first I have to explain my profile – instructional design and performance coaching –  and when people do understand, they want to immediately start questioning your credibility. It is true that there is a certain credibility attached to this profession, besides being certified, and qualified, one also needs to project – how much one knows, versus, how can one enable another person’s learning and development.

As a performance coach, you are not only liable to Continue reading “What makes me a good performance coach?”

How to stay motivated and to motivate others at work and in life.

I’ll begin with a question. How many times have you felt extremely demotivated to work, no matter which profession you belong to? How many times has your motivation been squelched? I have experienced it ample number of times in my previous jobs. I wish I had someone tell me then, what I am stating today!

Couple of years back, I remember, a friend and I would always complain about our circumstances and the way our work situations being so averse. We would always get demotivated because the leadership would trickle down the worst vibes possible to us and in return we would displace the demotivating behavior to others as well. My situation then, taught me the biggest lesson in life: Motivation is an inside job and that it begins with us, individuals, first.  iStock_88537553_XLARGE.jpg

I have chosen to live a life of Continue reading “How to stay motivated and to motivate others at work and in life.”