How to stay motivated and to motivate others at work and in life.

I’ll begin with a question. How many times have you felt extremely demotivated to work, no matter which profession you belong to? How many times has your motivation been squelched? I have experienced it ample number of times in my previous jobs. I wish I had someone tell me then, what I am stating today!

Couple of years back, I remember, a friend and I would always complain about our circumstances and the way our work situations being so averse. We would always get demotivated because the leadership would trickle down the worst vibes possible to us and in return we would displace the demotivating behavior to others as well. My situation then, taught me the biggest lesson in life: Motivation is an inside job and that it begins with us, individuals, first.  iStock_88537553_XLARGE.jpg

I have chosen to live a life of optimism and positivity since then. And this may sound pretty irritating to many pessimists, I know, and even to any negative person. Believe me! Sometime they don’t even realize that they’re hanging out in the pessimism circle. But let me make a confession, even though I consciously choose to  motivate myself, train others and inspire others, I am not completely free from that little negative voice in my head. That voice  springs up from time to time, to command over my positive self. It happens and that is where our mind shift lies. I’ve listened to it sometimes and chosen to ignore it most of the times too.

If I were to picture it, it would be war of the little red devil in my head (that wants me to be depressed and doomed) is always at logger heads with the angel on the other side.

Now, where am I getting with this? Every time, I speak to employers or colleagues, I’m asked how do I motivate my employees or myself everyday. It is question that needs most attention and there are 10 simple ways by which you can motivate yourself and others around you as well.

  1. Use your driving force to stay hungry: First of all, if you don’t really know what drives you to be your best possible self everyday, then I really recommend you figure it out. If you need help and believe in quantitative tests, then I recommend Oprah’s test and mypersonality’s test as well. They might help you understand what gets you motivated and can sort of give an idea about your driving force. Once you really introspect and put two and two together, try to understand what is that one trait that makes you want to get out of bed every single day. You will be your best version, always once you know yours driving force. Because, it will always keep you for hungry for more and make you strive harder each time.
  2. Start scheduling things: When you get time in your hands, you are more productive and you are always more motivated. I always sound like a broken record, with my clients and even on my blogs, when I talk about effective time management. I cannot emphasize harder, on the importance of managing time. It is the only asset that we have the same amount of and we can get so much more done during the day, without feeling stressed, by scheduling our priorities. The idea is not only to manage your time but to schedule your to-do’s in the best possible way. You will not only get stuff done efficiently, but also feel motivated to do more once tasks have been completed.
  3. Choose to learn and inspire everyday: Unless you make a mind shift, to growth mindset, you won’t be able to learn and in return inspire others. This is crucial for your success. It is important for the leader within you to learn something new everyday to not only get motivated to perform better each but also to inspire others. Count this in your to-dos and see the difference.
  4. Become a free thinker: I cannot emphasize hard enough on how important it is to have an open mind and to be a free thinker. You must read all about it in my previous blog post on free thinking. A free thinking mind brings in every day with high motivation and positivity.
  5. Form good habits and stay true to them: Habits take about 21 days or more to form and you need to stay true to them. As Tony Robbins says, you must make it a “must mindset.” Because you tell yourself that it is a must to do this and it is your standard to be that way, you will automatically covert a simple thing into your lifestyle. You must desire to change.
  6. Stop saying the word busy: We tell our friends and people around us the biggest lie ever: I am busy. You need to stop using that word. It not only drains your energy but convinces your mind into time being against you. Everyone has the same amount of time, and it is an asset that works in our favor all the time, if we allow it to.
  7. Turn your weakness into strength: Have you ever done a SWOT analysis of yours? If not, then DO SO NOW! List 3 strengths, weakness (or areas of improvement, as I’d like to call it), threats, which will be what you think is situational limitations as perceived by you and opportunities are the situational areas that you can leverage at the moment to be your best possible version. You will see transforming your perceived areas of weaknesses into strengths.
  8. Stop thinking what others’ think of you: This is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. Till the time you know you are being true to yourself, your inner worth and that you are striving harder, you shouldn’t be worried about what others think of you. It is the biggest demotivating factor. Allow yourself to get over it.
  9. Get a coach: Ever heard? “When tough gets going, the going gets tough.” I believe it is important to seek help when in need and nothing better than taking it from a certified individual, who will take you from point A to point wherever you desire, in the most authentic way.
  10. Keep the “Make It Happen” attitude alive: You can make things work in your favor, you can figure it out. Everything has a way. So, just figure it out by putting your act together, believe me, you will reap highest dividends.

And remember, no matter what, always appreciate your efforts and efforts of those around you. That’s all folks!


Now, you tell me: What are the situations that demotivate you the most? Or in what situations do you think you would get motivated enough, to be your best versions? I am sure you have great answers, so go ahead and put it down in comments below.:)

This post is a labor of love. So, I would be really appreciative of you, if you share it with your friends, family or across your social media. Share away!:)

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9 thoughts on “How to stay motivated and to motivate others at work and in life.

  1. Good habits really are necessary – I’ve seen so many people that failed because they automatically started doing something really out-of-place, only to learn later, that they were old, bad habits, which we all know die hard. The case with new, good habits is pretty much the same, but in a positive way.


    1. Thanks for sharing Nikos. It is always a pleasure to read your comments. I’ve experienced it first hand how old (bad) habits keep popping up to ruin the day… but it took a lot of conviction, determination change them. For me the bad habit was of sugar consumption, which was ruining my health. I really had to make tough choices to make a positive healthy mindshift. It’s tough but it can happen. Thanks again 🙂


  2. “I choose to learn and inspire everyday” – this has become my motto! I love that I can gain so much when I participate in reading your blogs and reading your emails. You not only motivate me to perform bettter but also make me question myself in a good way. You make me ask all the time if I am taking the right decision. Am I being my best possible version. We all need a mentor and in my case your blogs and emails act like one. I’ve been trying to form healthy time management habits for a while and I keep reading about it but it gets really confusing because there are so many different people talking about so many different things. What do you follow? Maybe you could do a new post on that… keep writing woman and I love reading the emails.


    1. Thank you Susan for your kind words always. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I’m so glad you’re inspired and inspiring. That’s the aim for TE. I will definitely do something more on time management. Keep an eye for it. 🙂


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