What will you gain from ’30 days of awesome learning?’

Get the best out of you from #30DaysOfAwesomeLearning. or #30DOAL It is a #blog series, especially created for you to thrive at work and in life. The time has come to learn from brilliant minds, authors, entrepreneurs, life long learners, coaches, learning and development enthusiasts and leaders from across the globe!


TE will feature strategic content to aid your performance at work and in life. To ensure you make the most of TE’s ‘30 days of Awesome learning,’ here’s a quick list on what you will gain from this series.

  1. You will get to read strategies to lead and succeed at work and in life, through acclaimed professionals in the field of training, coaching, learning and development.
  2. Since this is an ad free and an open platform, the series gives you a chance to pick the brains of professionals who know how to maximize your potential.
  3. There is something for everyone in this initiative, from leadership skills, to communications, personal branding, to motivation, mindfulness, developing learning habits and more.
  4. Lifelong learning isn’t just a “good looking” tagline, it is a reality and TE wants to make lifelong learning more accessible, by providing you the right tools to train your mind.
  5. Think about the essential skills needed to succeed today, and rate yourself on the scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest); this initiative will help you hone the skills through a different perspective.
  6. You will gain the hands-on TE Advantage by reading, seeing and doing, along with the strategic content, throughout the month.
  7. There is a “no expectation” rule during this blog series, which implies, that we know you’re a lifelong learner and we know you’re interested in your own well-being. Thus, we know that you’ll love to implement strategies yourself, without TE expecting you to do it, which makes our initiative all the more enjoyable.
  8. You will make a positive difference in your life without spending a penny and by investing just 5 minutes of your time on some constructive reading.
  9. This will be a self-starter series to shift your mindset to “go-getter and high achiever.”
  10. Ultimately, ‘30 days of awesome learning‘ will allow to rid yourself of assumptions and pre-conceived notions to be open and receptive to new and authentic information.

Well, I can definitely go on about how thrilling this initiative is going to be for you. I’m in love with what’s in store for you. Though the above are just 10 ways the initiative is going to be of help to you.


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