Be resourceful: How to make the most of your available assets.

While having a casual conversation with a friend of mine, we started talking about attitudes at work. She told me, “I love that person at work who turns every situation in his/her favor. Nothing seems to stop him/her to achieve the goals, not matter what the situation might be. The best part is that the person never complains.”


I listened to her intently, to the extent that she thought she almost lost me. I responded slowly, “you just stated qualities that we must adopt in order to succeed.

Confused? Let me explain. I could tell she was in awe of this person, (whoever she might be referring to at her workplace), clearly that person was a high achiever. She definitely wanted to be in the same situation but wasn’t able to. It reminded me of Tony Robbins statement in the same area, “99% of the times, when people fail to achieve their goals, they say it’s because of lack of resources. When in reality they forget, they are the resource.

It is definitely a work of art, to turn situations around in our favor. And honestly, these are 6 simple, tried and tested, strategies one can use for the same:

  1. Ignite your inner leader: Unless and until you become the leader of your own path, your own story, you will never succeed. It sounds easier said than done? Wrong. Inner leadership is doable, when you take complete control of the situations as per your strategic thinking, skills and decision making. It is crucial to take charge of your own situations and life, which is possible, when you believe in the true leader within you.
  2. Look at the positives first: We’re not only our biggest assets but also the biggest liabilities. When we bring about a mind-shift to positive thinking, we almost always look at the best in most situations and turn them around in our favor. This is how most successful salespersons (the dreaded term) make situations turn in their favor. I often wonder why, a positive influence culture isn’t propagated into work culture as well? Shouldn’t it be? Perhaps you could be the kickstarter.
  3. Be a ‘yes’ person: When you look at the positives in any situation, you automatically, shift your focus to being a learner, goal setter and high achiever. Thereby, you make yourself a ‘Yes Person,’ who accepts opportunities, isn’t afraid to say yes, to situations that will make you learn and grow at work and in life. 90% of the people think of themselves as less “resourceful for or at something” and decline opportunities that come their way. Dabble a little and just say YES! You’ll succeed or you’ll learn.
  4. Seek or give help whenever you can: The best way to actually have the drive to perform one’s best is to actually give your 100% to any task or situation. However, in certain situations, you may not be able to do it all. Be resourceful by gathering people to help you out in situations or by providing help, whenever and where ever you can.
  5. Level up your skills: We cannot aim to be successful in our endeavors with a thinking of yesteryear’s. It is crucial to level up the skills, which in turn enhances your ability to be present in the situations and perform your best. Introspect or test the skills you might need or what should you seek to fill any performance gaps.
  6. Be a doer, not just a thinker: Giving your 100% in any kind of initiative makes you engage with the task more. Also, clarity only comes when you stop thinking about things and actually start doing things. It is an absolute truth, when it comes to resourcefulness and making the most of your assets.
  7. Observe more: One of my readers, got back to me on email and wrote , “Priyanka you are so observant about the simplest of things.” And I was extremely, happy to read her statement, not because she appreciated the skills I used the most, but she carefully observed what I was doing. Paying attention to simplest of things around you and in life, allows for you to be available for another person in easiest of ways and to be able to gather more knowledge through your surroundings, which of course, helps tremendously.


Now, I want to hear from you: Think hard and tell me, of 2 ways in which you’re being an asset or a liability for yourself. Also think, have you been resourceful to yourself and others? How have you ensured that you are your biggest and best asset? What are your ways making yourself a high achiever, if you think you’re already one, or how do you think you can become one. Every comment counts. :)

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4 thoughts on “Be resourceful: How to make the most of your available assets.

  1. I never thought of myself as a resource. I think of myself as an asset for sure. However, the way you put it across, I beleive that I need to start being more into myself. I always think of helping others first. But what about myself? Its making me think about of the situation in plane flight attendants talk about – wear your mask first before helping others. True that.


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