Why you should be sold on e-Learning.

My guest bloggers and I might sound a like broken record, when we talk about the importance of lifelong learning. It is the one thing that gives us the competitive edge that we need. The advent of Massive Online Open Courses has made authentic learning not only easily available but also viable for professional and personal development. If you’re still not convinced about elearning, my guest blogger today, Ashley Chiasson, will ensure you’re sold on the idea of online learning.


Ashley Chiasson is an Instructional Designer and e-learning developer aboutphotowith nearly a decade of experience developing high-quality e-learning solutions for various clients. In addition to being a small business owner, Ashley works for Mount Saint Vincent University as a part-time faculty member and resident Instructional Developer.  As a self-proclaimed ambassador of the Articulate software, Ashley truly believes that the only thing standing between you and your ability to create engaging and interactive e-learning projects is your imagination.

Read on, to understand how e-learning could be the right fit for you.


With the current landscape of the job market, lifelong learning is a necessity. Our population is also aging, and with retirements, there will be more instances of organizations conducting on-the-job training for current employees who will be replacing retirees. iStock_45928986_XLARGE.jpgUsing e-learning to facilitate these training experiences only makes sense – it’s efficient, and if designed well, extremely effective! Instead of using additional resources (e.g. a face-to-face trainer), e-learning can become an affordable training solution to fill workplace knowledge gaps.

  1. The emergence of MOOC: We live in a digital age. People are curious about different things all of the time, and information has never been easier to find. E-learning has facilitated the emergence of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which means that anyone anywhere in the world can access online courses developed by skilled instructors, and gain a comprehensive understanding of any number of concepts! How’s that for satisfying your curiosity?
  2. E-learning may also increase information retention: By allowing learners to revisit content as often as necessary, many studies have shown that student success is the same in an e-learning context, if not better, than traditional face-to-face delivery. If all of these things haven’t sold you on e-learning, how about the next one?
  3. E-Learning increases accessibility! With students located all over the world, including rural communities, and individuals with physical impairments, it’s not always possible for students to get to campus to attend classes. E-learning provides these students with an equal opportunity to learn from reputable institutions and achieve their goals!
  4. It’s cost-efficient: As I said before, e-learning isn’t a new concept, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With increasing demand and popularity, e-learning will be a cost efficient and effective way for employers to provide just-in-time, on-the-job, or mandatory training, in addition to providing employees with an accessible means for professional development.


Learning online, in a community or through MOOC can be extremely effective. Now you tell me, if you already love learning online, why do you prefer it? If not, why? How do you perceive online?

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One thought on “Why you should be sold on e-Learning.

  1. Agreed with each and every of the five points. I’d personally add that eLearning is also a very good choice for corporations and smaller companies, especially if you’re not using a MOOC, but a LMS, in order to keep the courses coming in, regarding what is currently going on in your company.


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