Let’s ensure, we do a self check-in.

Whether you agree with me or not, I will claim that we all have analytical brains. Before we begin, imagine yourself to be in a party. As you enter, you simply observe people, you make your predictions and assumptions about some, you prejudge a few, you think about food (yes, we’ve all been there), you think about the decor, or you try to locate people around you, among other things. So, while our brain is processing all this information, we are also thinking, “how am I looking, hope my hair is OK” etc. etc.). We’ve all done this, and honestly, there isn’t anything wrong in it BUT, how many times do you check-in? Do you ever think if random thoughts are doing you any damage or good?


It is almost our second nature to analyze situations, people and things around us. 90% of the times such thoughts only make us nervous, irritable, extremely reactive and in extreme cases, even anxious. When we Continue reading “Let’s ensure, we do a self check-in.”

What the koala taught me about life and work. 

In March 2016, my husband and I took a trip to Australia. We covered 3 major cities in the country, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. However, besides the major cities, we drove down to quaint little towns, villages and smaller cities in the states of Victoria and South Australia too. It was beautiful and I guess which is why I we have decided to live for good.


If I’m talking about Australia, I have to mention the native Koalas and the Kangaroos. Now, there was a lot that I took away from this beautiful nature loving country: to begin with, their work ethics and culture [They believe that every profession needs their own break and time. Everything closes early and I really truly appreciate that the government ensures that a “family time culture” exists in the country.]

I love the spirited Aussies and the folks are as hard working as I’ve seen in many so called other overworked “developed economies” of the world (best part: they know the perfect mix of work hard and party hard).

But getting back to the headlines… I’ve been Continue reading “What the koala taught me about life and work. “

Get stuff done in time, every time.

Often in many of my one-on-one sessions I get asked: How to set daily or weekly or monthly or yearly achievable goals? or How can I be more productive? Even though people are doing their best often so many times it feels, we aren’t doing enough. When in reality we just got the right amount of things done. I have been a victim of trying to put too many eggs in my basket and not being able to focus on anyone of them. Being productive is a big challenge for most people. In today’s busy world, when things are due for yesterday, we really have to be cautious about where and how we’re spending our time. This is the key to getting things done and being our most productive selves.

iStock_41680770_XLARGE.jpgI’ve brought about many changes in life by doing simple things that can change the way I look at my time, treat my work and make my schedules. I’ve listed some Continue reading “Get stuff done in time, every time.”