What the koala taught me about life and work. 

In March 2016, my husband and I took a trip to Australia. We covered 3 major cities in the country, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. However, besides the major cities, we drove down to quaint little towns, villages and smaller cities in the states of Victoria and South Australia too. It was beautiful and I guess which is why I we have decided to live for good.


If I’m talking about Australia, I have to mention the native Koalas and the Kangaroos. Now, there was a lot that I took away from this beautiful nature loving country: to begin with, their work ethics and culture [They believe that every profession needs their own break and time. Everything closes early and I really truly appreciate that the government ensures that a “family time culture” exists in the country.]

I love the spirited Aussies and the folks are as hard working as I’ve seen in many so called other overworked “developed economies” of the world (best part: they know the perfect mix of work hard and party hard).

But getting back to the headlines… I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, to be precise, since April, 2016. But I was contemplating if this was a right fit for my blog’s audience and whether it would provide any insight to my readers. As I’ve grown in my consulting journey and seen my work and ethic evolve, I do believe the insights shared in this post would help many of you (whether in reflection or through observation in your own surroundings). So, here it goes… I’m sharing 5 things that the koala taught me about my work and life journey. I urge you to really think about these and see the significance of it in out lives:

  1. Always cling on to what you love doing: Koalas never stop clinging on to their space no matter what. They are pretty consistent with that right? Of course it is a matter of survival for the koalas but most decisions in life revolve around how much we cling on to certain decisions and situations to make them work for us. Charles Bukowski said, “my dear, find what you love and let it kill you” and I completely disagree with it. If you actually find the life and work you love, then cling on to it and be consistent with your efforts to make it better, each and every day. Consistency is the key to success and it is not an accident. Whether it is a habit you need to change or have an effective work routine, you need to ensure you cling on to things you love doing. And the best part to remember is that consistency in your actions, makes your reputation. No matter what you’re trying to establish, cling on.
  2. Sleep and take a break in the busy world: I never saw a single Koala with its eyes open. They truly love their sleep. Well, it doesn’t mean that they’re just lazy creatures, they have a significant role in the ecology, especially as a consumer of eucalyptus plants and tea tree fungi. They really can teach us the importance of relaxation in this busy world. When everything around us is such a rushed affair, the time to unwind becomes crucial. Ariana Huffington actually wrote an important book in this area called The Sleep Revolution [you could purchase it by clicking on the link.] I highly recommend the book for its breakthrough content. Sleep is absolutely crucial for a healthy well-being and you to keep your body optimally running each and every day. It keeps our body mechanism strong
  3. Eat healthy greens: Well even though this is something that the Koala lives and thrives on… I too have made it a mantra of mine. I love my healthy alkaline greens and like the Koalas, I’ve started watching my portions too. It may sound funny but this shift has made a huge impact in my life.  It’s been a while since I shifted to green juices, added more fibrous greens in my diet and I can see a tremendous difference in the way I look and feel about myself. It gives more energy to be present in situations that requires the most of me. So, do give it a go.
  4. Don’t settle for mediocre, find your safe haven at the top: One thing the Koala doesn’t compromise on is mediocrity. They have a specific habitat and a specific place they want to put their paw marks on. We, as humans, strive to leave a mark and define our territories too. I noticed that the Koalas don’t really settle for any other tree than some specific gum trees and they definitely have to be at the top, come what may. I’ve sort of taken this mentality too seriously. Indeed it is metaphorical here but I swear when you are completely dedicated to your niche, leave mediocrity behind and reach higher, success will sure be yours.
  5. Never bother about what people are doing or saying around you: While we were driving down from Robe to Adelaide, we noticed a few folks standing near the gum trees and observing something at the top. Yes, it was a Koala and it was sleeping. The folks were too loud for the serene and distraction free environment of the Koalas but they didn’t bother, they clinged on and kept doing their thing. Sometimes, it is best to just focus on your goal and not to bother about the distractions around you.

Did you enjoy reading this? Let me know in the comments below: Has nature taught you something? What is it that you observe in nature the most? I have such awesome take aways from the natural surroundings. I’d love to read what you have to say.


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