Let’s ensure, we do a self check-in.

Whether you agree with me or not, I will claim that we all have analytical brains. Before we begin, imagine yourself to be in a party. As you enter, you simply observe people, you make your predictions and assumptions about some, you prejudge a few, you think about food (yes, we’ve all been there), you think about the decor, or you try to locate people around you, among other things. So, while our brain is processing all this information, we are also thinking, “how am I looking, hope my hair is OK” etc. etc.). We’ve all done this, and honestly, there isn’t anything wrong in it BUT, how many times do you check-in? Do you ever think if random thoughts are doing you any damage or good?


It is almost our second nature to analyze situations, people and things around us. 90% of the times such thoughts only make us nervous, irritable, extremely reactive and in extreme cases, even anxious. When we are not in control of situations, we often become more reactive. Have you heard of the phrase, “life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it?” The point I am making is that since we cannot change the world, we have to change ourselves. Look inside and find solutions to best fit our mechanism along with that of others around us.

The thought of self check-in occurred to me while I was in Japan last week. Their culture is so different from mine that for many situations I really had to tell myself, “let’s find ways by which I can change my communication to best fit in the environment.” In almost every post of mine, I talk about “self reflection or introspection.” Today I wanted to highlight the importance of self check-in and how can you start with the self check-in process:

  1. Question yourself: If you’re ever in doubt or want to understand where do you need that little edge? Just question your deeds. Ask yourselves, what is it that you’re doing right, what is it that you consider might not be “perceived” right by others. This is the key to finding answers within and really taking the first step towards self improvement. It works wonders at work and in of course, life in general.
  2. Find your solutions: Now, you can’t just question yourself, lead yourself to understand what the problem or situation is and then do nothing about it, right? Well, finding solutions to your own problems is surely the key to success is in finding solutions. If you’re the type who has a problem for every solutions, then this whole piece is going to be extremely irritating for you.
  3. Put yourselves in other people’s shoes: The idea of empathy doesn’t come easy to most of us. No matter how hard we try, we can get consumed by thinking about one own self. Once we start looking at situations consciously from the other person’s point of view, we are not only less judging but also more receptive to understanding others and being understood. This is crucial for the concept of self check-in. It is also the most selflessly selfish thing to do, or the other way around? 😉
  4. Get rid of judgement: As I mentioned on top, once you do start empathizing, you will lose your judgment. Judgements come in the most simple situations to the most challenging circumstances. Once you choose to look at situations from a neutral point of view, not only you free up space in your mind to make better decisions but also ensure that you’re right decisions.
  5. Practice meditation: If there is anything that I learned from my recent trip to Japan, it is how to be Zen. I truly truly believe in the concept of being zen. Though it sounds weird and slightly odd, but being tranquil, calm and composed in the most difficult of situations. Though I don’t think I’m there yet with my zen meditation, but I do try every single day to meditate and make a difference in my own life.
  6. Accept the willingness to change: Now, this can be tricky. We are so susceptible to change, yet we almost always, resit it. Sometimes, convincing our body and mind to understand that change is good and that it can really work wonders for us. Once you start with simple reminders regarding good changes you want to bring into your life, you transform.
  7. Always consciously add value: This is a big one for me and also really big deal for your self check-in process. Start by helping yourself first and then move on to little acts of kindness around you. See how the world positively changes and reacts to you.

Hope you find value in this.

Let me know in the comments below: what point(s) here irritate you or resonate the most with you? Do you follow a self check-in process? What does it look like. Do share your thoughts, perhaps you may help someone in need. 🙂


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