Why self-improvement is the way to go in 2017.

I recently watched a TED talk which kept iterating that the concept of self-improvement is stupid because it makes one feel, “I am not enough.” For a moment I gave into that thought but thankfully something inside me side said, “what nonsense.” I immediately snapped out of it and began to think from a third person’s point of view. I still couldn’t come to agree that self-improvement harms anyone. In fact, this is exactly the mentality we need to get rid off. I got so irked by that video that I thought, I must write about the virtues of self-improvement.


First, the things that I must explain are the terms self-improvement and self-help. They do not indicate Continue reading “Why self-improvement is the way to go in 2017.”

2016 in review: Top 20 TE blogs and what my consulting business taught me.

Whenever it’s December, I think of Steven Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, particularly his chapter on Time and Space. It makes you realize time is actually such a relative concept, for some, the year must have swooshed by and for some, it might have been a drag. Well, regardless of how it was for you… it is true that for most of us, December is the contemplative month, whether one chooses to reflect upon the year almost gone by, formally (at work or in business) or informally (for personal improvement and personal development). It is integral to reflect and understand, two things: 1) what went right in the year, 2) what went wrong so that things can be better from here on.

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TE has grown to have its own wonderful audience and I am thankful for all those who diligently wait for Sunday posts and the strategic insights I email once a week.

Over the past one year, I’ve made some significant changes in my personal and professional life, to not only grow in the consulting space but also have a growth mindset. It has taught me Continue reading “2016 in review: Top 20 TE blogs and what my consulting business taught me.”

The importance of saying – ‘No.’

How many times have you heard this -“be a Yes person.”? People often tell us that we need to say yes to all opportunities that come our way or simply commit to things at work, no matter what. However, have you wondered what that really does to you? Often, being the yes person could make you over commit at work or even in life. Not only can it drain your energies but also make you unproductive.  It is all about putting your act together to set your boundaries right. And no, I am not asking you to say NO to everything in life. 🙂 You’ll see what I mean…


It is important to set certain Continue reading “The importance of saying – ‘No.’”

How to learn better and faster.

Have you ever wondered that you could grasp information and learn content faster and better? I mean who wouldn’t want to learn faster and better. Who wouldn’t want to read more or gather more information, to enhance our performance at work and in life?


For one of the courses I am taking for my doctoral program, I chose to conduct a small study on the learning style preference and Continue reading “How to learn better and faster.”