How to learn better and faster.

Have you ever wondered that you could grasp information and learn content faster and better? I mean who wouldn’t want to learn faster and better. Who wouldn’t want to read more or gather more information, to enhance our performance at work and in life?


For one of the courses I am taking for my doctoral program, I chose to conduct a small study on the learning style preference and how effective is it to aid one’s performance. Even though there are many critiques for this area of research, one thing certainly comes up Thanks to my husband, I recently met a wonderful guy, Dr. Andre Vermeulen, who knew a lot in this area. Taking a step forward from my last post on “self check-in,” I wanted to bring something more measurable and quantifiable to strengthen the importance of learning with reflection.

As Andre Says, “you cannot improve what you cannot measure.” Of course, he means it in the context of understanding one’s own brain function better. Therefore, it is important to first understand what your natural preferences for effective learning are, by which you can then enhance the skills you need to maximize your potential. After evaluating tons of research and speaking with experts, I’ve come to conclude, to learn faster and better, we need these three steps. As always, these are tried and tested approaches. So, give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

  1. Get a profile/preference test: If there is one thing that I can guarantee, it is that all human being have great potential, definitely, AT LEAST in one area, if not more. There are several studies that dictate that every human being has multitudes of potential and it is only a matter of discovering it. One way of doing that is by taking a scientific test which helps you identify the unique preference you have to gather information, recall and retain it. Here are some you could use for free: 1) Edutopia’s learning/training assessment. 2) The VARK assessment. 3) The Education Planner Test.
  2. Evaluate your preferences: Once you have the results from a proven test. Reflect upon the ways in which you would have used them in the past, can use them in the present and in the future to enhance your skills. You will be more self and socially aware once you’ve understood your core areas. This also allows you to make more informed decisions in life and at work.
  3. Adapt, adjust to systems that work for you: If you can make more informed decisions about your preferences, choices and life, your will be in better position to enhance your ability to learn, adjust to newer technologies, systems and structures around you. It will aid your productivity multi-folds to not only thrive but also reach the pinnacle of success.


Now, you tell me: Share your insights or results of your learning preferences underneath. Let’s start a fireball of a discussion regarding learning styles and preferences that work for you or don’t work for you.


My posts are a labor of love and I really hope you got value out of it. I would appreciate if you shared it with your friends, family or across your social media. Share away and don’t leave without BECOMING AN INSIDER, sign up to get the free resource, YOU’LL LOVE IT.

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4 thoughts on “How to learn better and faster.

  1. Thanks for concise insights – I think it’s very important to test, re-test and so on in order to find a learning approach/system that works for you – not rely on whatever recipe that is praised. Every person, every organization is different and there has to be a process of mutual adjustment.


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