2016 in review: Top 20 TE blogs and what my consulting business taught me.

Whenever it’s December, I think of Steven Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, particularly his chapter on Time and Space. It makes you realize time is actually such a relative concept, for some, the year must have swooshed by and for some, it might have been a drag. Well, regardless of how it was for you… it is true that for most of us, December is the contemplative month, whether one chooses to reflect upon the year almost gone by, formally (at work or in business) or informally (for personal improvement and personal development). It is integral to reflect and understand, two things: 1) what went right in the year, 2) what went wrong so that things can be better from here on.

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TE has grown to have its own wonderful audience and I am thankful for all those who diligently wait for Sunday posts and the strategic insights I email once a week.

Over the past one year, I’ve made some significant changes in my personal and professional life, to not only grow in the consulting space but also have a growth mindset. It has taught me perseverance, determination, and strong will to continue doing the best that I can. I reached MY IDEA OF SUCCESS when I did THIS in 2016:

  • Changed my eating habits: I’ve realized what we put in our body has a direct connection to how we think, react, and feel. I can’t even begin to tell you how beneficial and life changing this has been. To give you one example, I’ve been off white/brown sugar for about more than a year. I don’t consume products with sugar anymore unless they are natural. What I mean to say, I do indulge in fruits and all naturally sweet things but nothing processed. I have not only reduced my weight significantly, but I can see that I have more energy and somehow more presence of mind for my tasks. This difficult but important change gave me results not only for my health but also the way I can operate at work.
  • Started working out more: Since I work from home, my life can be quite sedentary. So, I had to put my energies outside of the four walls I sit in throughout the day. I decided to strictly dedicate at least one hour (if not more) to work out in the gym, attend more group classes. I’d even take my laptop at times, to work in the lounge area, once I am done with my exercises. Once I started this regime there was no looking back. I felt more energetic, my brains functioned better. I felt more creative as well.
  • Always aimed to keep learning: The one thing that many people need to make time for, no matter which profession they belong to, is lifelong learning. It is important for personal growth and development, to always keep learning. This means to add to your technical skills or domain knowledge or even enhancing your soft skills or people’s skills. This lifelong learning could be done through any form of media: books, videos, degree or certificate courses, experiential learning or whatever you choose.
  • Set positive reminders for myself: Starting out alone or working from home can be very lonely. It can also drain energies, make one reevaluate the work and even make one feel low. Initially, the work was a struggle. To channelise my situation into a positive outcome, I had set positive reminders for myself, every single day, until the time they actually worked for me and got imprinted in my head. Now, I am a spirit for good and force for positivity. It is important to be optimistic and sincere with your positive attitude, because, it yields the outcome you desire in the long run.
  • Scheduled things and kept following them strictly: This has been the hardest for me as a personal goal. I was never good with scheduling. I’ve always been definitely good with planning but not execution. So, when I started scheduling my tasks and goals on a calendar, I not only planned for my success but also gave myself ample time to understand how and where all my energies need to be put. Scheduling tasks on a calendar actually put the healthy pressure on me to get things done.
  • Set SMART goals for myself: I often talk about setting SMART goals, Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Reliable, and Timely, if any of the components are missing chances are high that you won’t achieve what you aimed for. I had divided my goals into categories, daily tasks, monthly tasks, quarterly goals, and yearly goals. Of course in the reverse order. It not only gave me clarity regarding my work but also made me plan my personal life better.
  • Constantly evaluated my actions and matched it with my goals: Insight without action is worthless, so, it is important for me to constantly evaluate if I am going right or wrong with my goals. It is only then could I make better decisions regarding work but also my education and personal life.

Perhaps this could help you as well, or maybe you have a better way of working things out? If yes, then share your thoughts in the comments section below.


 I didn’t really want to have a top 20 list kinda thing for my blog posts. A lot of effort goes into producing content for each post, so, it would be unjust to lay them out hierarchically. I cannot be biased but here are a few chosen ones for you, which you should TOTALLY read:

  1. Unleash your inner creativity for a fulfilling life!
  2. The importance of soft skills and why we should hone them.
  3. Mindfulness: Importance of Your Presence in the Present
  4. The art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Every Day!
  5. Let’s ensure, we do a self-check-in.
  6. You have what it takes to be a good leader.
  7. Get over the disease of ‘busyness’ to live a LIFE!
  8. How to rid yourself of a complaining mentality and culture.
  9. How to learn better and faster.
  10. Get stuff done in time, every time.
  11. How to stay motivated and to motivate others at work and in life.
  12. Practical ways of not getting distressed at work and life!
  13. Compassion is the key to successful performance outcomes.
  14. How humor helps you stay motivated and to motivate others at work.
  15. 9 communications mistakes you might be making every day.
  16. Time management techniques that make you thrive.
  17. Growth Mindset: Strengthen and sustain your emotional intelligence.
  18. What makes me a good performance coach?
  19. The importance of saying – ‘No.’
  20. How to avoid conflict at the workplace and in personal life.


My posts are a labor of love and I really hope you got value out of it. I would appreciate if you shared it with your friends, family or across your social media. Share away and don’t leave without BECOMING AN INSIDER, sign up to get the free resource, YOU’LL LOVE IT.

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