Why self-improvement is the way to go in 2017.

I recently watched a TED talk which kept iterating that the concept of self-improvement is stupid because it makes one feel, “I am not enough.” For a moment I gave into that thought but thankfully something inside me side said, “what nonsense.” I immediately snapped out of it and began to think from a third person’s point of view. I still couldn’t come to agree that self-improvement harms anyone. In fact, this is exactly the mentality we need to get rid off. I got so irked by that video that I thought, I must write about the virtues of self-improvement.


First, the things that I must explain are the terms self-improvement and self-help. They do not indicate anywhere that “you as a person are not enough.” Second, no matter which source you refer to, the terms do indicate is that when a person indulges in acts of self-improvement and self-help, they not only understand themselves better but aim to be the better versions of themselves. To help you evaluate why “self-improvement” is the way to go, here are five aspects for you to think about:

  1. Self-improvement is a way of life: It is a way by which we help ourselves grow and adapt to the ever-changing environment. We’ve grown with a weird notion that  “self-help” is a bad thing. However, what it truly indicates is that you are aware that you really aren’t perfect and there is always scope for betterment. We’ve been made to believe that if we require some kind of help in either learning or achieving goals or gaining better skills, then we are weak, as we cannot do it by ourselves but one should not forget, it is a sign of higher intellect that you have, to make cjanges in your life.
  2. Perfectionism is overrated: Accept that reaching perfection is like reaching a limitless horizon. We cannot tell ourselves that we’re perfect and don’t need any kind of improvement in any area. Of course, I am not saying to not love yourself, by all means do that but also remember, you can always be better than what you at this moment, with your skills, your thoughts, actions, and habits.
  3. An action is better than insight: Self-help and self-improvement even though two different things are action oriented. Often the people who would not indulge in self-improvement or self-help would be the ones who not only think they are perfect (when in reality none of us are) but also are the know-it-alls. And don’t we all know such people? This is a disaster as we know it, so why do it to ourselves too? A little bit of action-oriented self-improvement doesn’t hurt anyone. It always helps.
  4. You are a lifelong learner: We are ever evolving, ever changing and always growing. Life itself is all about growth, then why not keep learning? To keep learning is to keep improving our skills, for our own benefit. So, then why shouldn’t you be sold on self-improvement?
  5. You know where to stop: Of course, excess of anything is bad and we all know it. You need to understand if you’re getting an overdose of self-improvement, if yes, then you need to stop. However, you do need to continuously evaluate and check with yourselves, what is it that you’re doing right and where do you need to up your game.

To be honest, when one does indulge in self-improvement or helping oneself, it is a reflection of your intellect. Never stop learning and growing. In 2017, you should definitely be sold on self-improvement tactics.


Now, you tell me: What are your thoughts on self-improvement? Are you for it or against it. Do give reasons. Write it in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Why self-improvement is the way to go in 2017.

  1. Yes, Self-improvement is very important because we are always learning, aquiring new skills, and improving our skill sets. The second we stop seeking self-improvement and thinking that we don’t need it is when we lose the ability to reach our full protential. Because it is then that our skill and knowledge start to atrophy and become outdated. At the same time, as you mentioned, we need to beware the danger of becoming too self-centered and needing everything to be perfect. It is like in the preamble of the United States Constitution, the words “a more perfict union.” Its not a perfict but a more perfict, as trying to get to as close to perfict as possible, but knowing that absalute perfection is not possible. That should always be the goal and mindset in seeking self-improvment, “not perfection but more perfection.” We should always remember that though perfection is imposible; it should still be used as a goul post for improvemt.

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  2. Chase you touched me with your statements. This is so true. Especially the fact that yoi mentioned when we stop learning, we stop ourselves from reaching the potential we have. I lived most of my life trying to make things perfect… to the extent that most of the times the perfection bug didn’t do me any good. It just made me procrastinate more, which is why I believe, reaching perfection is like reaching a limitless horizon.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts… I really appreciate them Chase.


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