“What have you decided for the new year?”

In the coming few days, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of posts on social media and content websites, which talk about new year goals, resolutions, and opportunities. I have to agree, I’ve been guilty of doing the same. However, I’ve realized how much pressure it puts on an individual to create resolutions and to find ways to sustain them in the new year.


Whether we are the “happy-go-lucky kinds” or the “oh-so-serious type” or even the “unmoved nonchalant,” it is almost inevitable to not examine some areas of our life once the new year sets in. We often think about making some changes in our life that make us better, whether financially, socially, personally, or even professionally.

Setting new year resolutions has been a long lasting fad, which only puts pressure on a person to set the resolutions for situations or things that they already feel they are a failure at

. When something begins with a degenerative mindset, how is it supposed to last?

Instead of making resolutions which you don’t really look forward to doing or achieving, answer these questions for yourselves:

  • What is my vision for this year? Or what is my purpose for this year? It doesn’t have to be something extravagant or something too extreme, smaller achievable goals within your capacity.
  • What are you doing NOW to reach your purpose or ambition? Well, I’ve come to realize the only thing we need to do is evaluate, our present moment. Tomorrow is a figment of our imagination (of course, you need to set the SMART goals, you do need a vision). But today is what we have, let’s live in this moment and do what we have to do, to make our life happy for ourselves.
  • What small changes can you bring in your life today, to slowly, but consistently be a better version of yourself? This one though sound philosophical and easy is the toughest, is the most crucial for our own idea of success. It enables you to not only form habits that make you more productive, happy and sustainable but also achieve your ambition with the possible resources you have.

It could be small steps you take NOW that make you HAPPY. Simply joyous and fulfilled.

Just think about it… and let me know your thoughts on this as well. Perhaps you have a different point of view? Or maybe you agree with me… Put it in the comments below.


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