Let’s focus on productivity instead of being busy… shall we?

Heads up, I’m going to take you through this post with a little contradiction. Yes! You’ll see what I mean. Yesterday, I was really BUSYYY – doing nothing productive. Even though I love my super productive days, I cherish my ‘busy for nothing’ days too! More often, these days don’t come to me but I try.

Before I move on to say why the above is important, I want to lay emphasis on the use of the term “busy.” We take ‘being busy’ as a badge of honor, as though we’ve been super productive. Largely, when we’re telling a lot of our pals, our teams or even our families that we’re busy, we use this term as a glorious distinction to undermine another person’s time over ours (even if we don’t really intend to). For some, indeed, it would’ve been a productive environment, for some stressful, for some just hectic, and for some just occupied with mindless tasks. They are all FINE. However, being busy doesn’t really mean we’re being productive (since the latter has a clear end goal and achievement attached to it).

Being the type A person I want to be productively busy, every time. I want to stick to my schedules with a strict discipline and diligence. Though I was ‘busy’ yesterday,  wasn’t particularly productive – I cooked my lovely healthy meals, talked to my parents at length, did video calls with two of my long distance friends (felt soo good), enjoyed the rainy weather over a cuppa, chatted with my husband about our plans, and more. Well, the point that I’m making is… that there’s a huge difference between being productive and being busy.

Not so long ago, I wrote a blog, highlighting why we need to stop using the term busy, now. And today, I’m going to bring out some tried and tested strategies to actually boost productivity while we eliminate the term busy from our lives.

How do you get rid of the busy mentality to actually become more engaged and productive with your work (including household tasks)? This is how it really works:

  1. Understand it is OK to take time off: The reason I mentioned my yesterday’s story above, is because I wanted to let you know that it is crucial to have a recovery time and not feel guilty about it. Especially if you’re someone like me. Now, there is a difference between resisting work (because of your lizard brain or monkey brain, in this buzzing world of schedules and timelines) and taking recovery time. When you know you’ve taken the time you need, you can better participate in creating whatever it is that you do – as an entrepreneur, as an employee, as anyone (the role you’re in right now). This is the key to productivity, as your body and mind, needs time to unwind, to think strategically, for upcoming tasks.
  2. Stop taking anyone’s time for granted: Yes! I’ve actually written that. We often don’t realize how much we take time for granted. Whether it’s time that you’re supposed to dedicate to yourself or someone else, ensure you’re disciplined enough to dedicate your hours to balance fun and work. Communicate effectively with yourself and with others within a dedicated timeframe. And be honest about your time, for instance, don’t assume that someone else might be free, or don’t assume that you will be able to fit in extra work within the day (if you haven’t tried it already). Understanding this concept and truly executing it, boosts productivity to the next level.
  3. Quit talking and start doing: I think I repeat this statement very often. I’m a consultant who works from home and had I never quit the chatter, whether in my head or with the people around me, I would’ve never been able to work, at all. Once my schedule is planned, it’s important to engage with the tasks and get the productivity rolling. The only way to kill procrastination and focus our energies on to the tasks. It boosts productivity tremendously.
  4. Be a moment lover: Yes, it is another way of saying – enjoy the process of your work or the tasks or whatever it is that you’re doing. Take one thing at a time and complete it as per your schedule without any disturbances, focus on the process instead of the end result. Even though this may sound a bit abstract, just hashtag it – #momemtlover. Give your whole self to a single moment and work it.
  5. Be committed and consistent: The best way to predict the future is to create it TODAY! I can’t emphasize that enough.Consistency is not an accident, we need to engage ourselves in the work, every single day with hard work and smart work. Dedicate your energies and time wholly, to be your best productive version.
  6. Be the master if your minutes: Now this is the key. I’ve emphasized on my prior blogs that we over 1000 waking minutes in a day to spare to out tasks what is stopping us from using it productively? Each task can be divided as per how you think your body and mind would adjust and understand. For instance, if taking 20 minutes of work and 10 minutes of break works for you through the day then do that. Or if 60 minutes of power productivity with no diversions work, then put that in your schedule. Take mental breaks in between and then a physical break of at least an hour or 45 minutes during the day. See your productivity soar with this.
  7. Be a master your habits: If you already haven’t figured this, I am actually asking you to rewire your brain. We’ve all formed habits since we were young but it’s not that we can’t change them. Changing habits and forming better ones are really difficult for most of us. For instance going off sugar and off processed food was quite difficult for me. Nevertheless, I did it and I’m proud of it. So make yourself proud with one step at a time.

And there is one more point to boost the productivity. However, I’d be sending that to my all my insiders. So if you want to know what really kicks in productive behavior and mindset… don’t forget to sign up. You’ll immediately get the update.

What’s the best way to describe your Productivity? Write it in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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One thought on “Let’s focus on productivity instead of being busy… shall we?

  1. Yes, managing one’s time is always a constant job. For me, I have never been that great with it. Always being more freewheeling in my time management, but I have found over the last couple of years and more recently as I add more and more things for me to have to do constantly, I have gotten much better at it, once I have started filling up and always making use of my calendar for every little thing. Thus I think, for me, at least the more one has to manage his/her time, the “easier” it becomes to do so.


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