Keep the eye on the prize: How to never lose focus at work or in life.

I am what a lot of people would commonly call, “jack of all trades.” But the term I coined and prefer is, multi-aspirational. Honestly, when it comes to being passionate about work, hobbies, and professions, there are several multi-aspirational or should we say, multi-passionate folks like us, in all walks of life. Largely, most successful entrepreneurs and geniuses of the world have been multi-aspirational. They’ve loved doing not just one thing but dirtying their hands with multiple things. The best example is that of this kind has been my favorite, Leonardo Da Vinci. He is referred to as the polymath, someone who has knowledge for multiple areas of life.

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Leon B. Alberti a multi-aspirational guy, but largely referred to as a famous  Italian architect, once said, “a human can do all things if (s)he wills“. And I completely agree. However, it is the thought of disruption that scares us. We are capable of doing many things and maybe many of them even better. There is no harm in pursuing multiple aspirations, however, yes, we need to focus on one thing at a time to become a success. I know, I’ve said in the past that multi-tasking is possible. BUT, only in case of involving two mindless tasks.

Personally, I aim to be a polymath. However, it doesn’t come easy. I’ve been observing a lot of successful entrepreneurs for quite a few years now and I’ve come to understand, most of them are polymaths or multi-aspirational. If you ever struggle to find your “niche,” probably these strategies would really help you get clear, focus on your end result. Like the headline says, keep the eye on the prize.

  1. Write it down: There is plenty of research regarding this and I’ve personally seen success with my mentors, colleagues, and clients to focus better and reach goals. We may have multiple aspirations and ambitions but to reach them, we need to get clear about all our ambitions, how to reach them, what should we do and how to go about it. There is no harm in pursuing multiple aspirations, but a clear plan of action is needed to focus and take action, to reach the “prize.”
  2. Keep practicing your skills, every day: I am a millennial who loves a LOT of things, professionally and personally. Even though I am good at those many; in today’s day and age, we need to keep practicing our skills to stay ahead of the game. There is no other way except the hard work, it takes, to stay committed and focused on goals and aspirations.
  3. Do whatever it takes to be an ‘A’-lister: Whether it is in your kitchen, or in the gym, or at work, or in relationships. You need to go with the mindset that you’re going to blow people’s mind. You’re going to be the best of the best. If we really need to dabble, to understand our niche and focus on our strengths, we have to bring our best self to every situation. We need to retrain our brain to be the A-lister, no matter what happens and yes, that is possible.
  4. Always remember WHY we started in the first place: No matter what path you choose, whether to stay committed and focused on a final goal/ prize, we need to revisit our WHY. We all venture into, relationships, projects and more for a specific reason. Revisiting our situations often make us stay focused and keep going to achieve our dreams.
  5. Work your life around your goals: Have you heard of this quote? “If you change nothing. Nothing will change.” Whether it is personal changes we bring in our lifestyle, or domain knowledge enhancement or relationship goal, things would only change when we organize our schedule it. This is a game changer in our staying focused game.

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