The art of committing to the present moment.

The struggle is real! We’re either living in the past or the future. What happens NOW? It has been my personal journey to consciously choose to live every moment to the best of my ability. Trust me, it has not been easy for me. I’ve always been overly ambitious, multi-aspirational (while being good at all of them) and driven. But, I can say that this trait, even though seemed like a boon, was actually a bane. It constantly made me worry about my future, I never enjoyed the present moment and would more often ponder over my past mistakes. It isn’t the ideal life, right? As Steven Pressfield calls it, this behavior is just resistance showing up. It is a way to procrastinate the things that I wanted to do.

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As mentioned in the last blog of mine, the impermanence of life hit me hard when my mother in law passed away. In that month, when I was in mourning, I still had professional (coaching and ID clients) and academic commitments (my ongoing doctorate). I didn’t feel like doing anything. I felt drained and literally had no energy or capacity to work. But I had no option! When things have to be done, they get done! The energy then comes from within, even if it means I need to stay up till 4 in the morning. It took me a while to understand that all I can do is live in the moment and churn out the things, one at a time.

So, when one of my clients asked me that how do I commit to tasks, stay true all that I do… still eat clean, still deliver the work and academic projects, stay calm in tough situations and genuinely commit to people… I knew I had to write this post!

One thing is for sure, it all seems tough until it is done! Trust me. Here are some of my vouched for, tried and tested, go-to ways of committing to the moment and getting ANYTHING done!

  1. Gain clarity through mindfulness: This isn’t a woo-woo concept. Have you read my post on mindfulness? By practicing mindfulness, i.e. when we consciously choose to focus on, TODAY or NOW or THE TASK at hand, we tune our mind to stay committed to the present moment. It helps us to stay our true and motivated self in the moment. So many of us are plagued by multiple thoughts. We get almost 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts in a day which is about 35-40 thoughts per minute. Now imagine this while you’re having a conversation with your spouse or a friend. Would you be fully engaged in the moment? Guess, not. When we mindfully detach ourselves from the past or the future thoughts, in the moment,, not only do we commit to the world around better us but also spend less time worrying about things of the past of the future. We learn the art of enjoying the current moment and being fully committed. Because, only when we are fully engaged in the moment, does it bring out the best in us. Pleasure in the job comes from true and conscious commitment (which makes it worth the while).
  2. Get clear, know your vision and stick to it: I’ve been there, where I’ve been plagued by a gazillion thoughts in a moment. However, we all know where that takes us: NOWHERELAND! Getting clear is easier than it seems. Yes! I mean that. We need our lizard brain to stop taking control of the mind, get out of the comfort zone and simply do it. Take one hour from the day, to sit and plan WHAT DO WE EXACTLY WANT TO SET, DO, and ACHIEVE. Vague ideas, commitments, and thoughts are repetitive, and they cripple and confuse us. You don’t know where to go, or what to do when you aren’t clear. This leads to the same thoughts, again and again, which makes us deviate from our current moment even more. Thus, making us either difficult to commit or in some cases over-commit (and never follow through). You may want to read my other post on stayed focused. The less committed you are at the moment, the more confused you become. Then, it is a vicious cycle of mindless thoughts shuffling between the past and future.
  3. Always have a plan A and also a plan B: Remember Murphy’s law? Things may never ever, ever go as planned or may go wrong. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t plan, we need to. And keep two plans in fact. And keep buffers (additional time to manage risks). It is important to have a succession plan. I am the type who loves to organize things, create plans but then I used to not follow through those plans. But when you take it one at a time in the current moment, you actually achieve what you set out initially. And that feeling is awesome, like dopamine and endorphins hitting you after a good workout. It takes a lot of pushing and shoving to do that. But, once you’re in the zone of achieving the results, you just stay committed to the moment and keep doing all the stuff you had to do, like a pro!
  4. Give the situation and moment all your senses: Going back to my story, when I felt paralyzed to do anything, I knew I had to keep going. Even though I was driven was external deadlines then, I still had to set internal deadlines. I had to consciously use all my senses in the current moment to achieve the targets I had. It could have only been done mindfully, without worrying about the past or the future. In another example, today, even if I am shopping at the supermarket, I am fully present in the moment, listening to my husband, being fully aware of my surroundings, looking at the things that I really want get done. Not only does it make me get my done faster but I am more productively aware. I feel better in the moment too, giving it all that I have.
  5. Just keep moving, keep doing: Action is the one thing that separates the naysayers from the doers. There are many people who just want to talk and DO NOTHING. There is a thin dividing line between those who stay true and committed to the work and situations and those who don’t. It’s all about taking action. Sadly, there is no alternative to being fully committed to a moment and doing the work in that moment. Mindful action over mindless thoughts, any day, is the true idea of genuine commitment.

I’m going to be sending a great resource regarding profound benefits of true commitment. Ensure you sign up here! You won’t regret it, my friend.

Also, put it in the comments below, if you’ve struggled with staying committed and true to situations and moments? How did you go about it? Or do you have better strategies for the art of commitment? Write it in the comments below.


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