Perfectionism is a procrastination syndrome, to not get anything done?

Yesss! That is so true. And I used to be the queen of perfectionism. I would love to tell myself, that even though I had been a perfectionist, I wasn’t a procrastinator (perhaps the world may not perceive me to be, but I was). I used to get a lot of things done easily. I think I still have the knack to do it but I am slowing myself down.


I’m truly a perfectionist at heart. What better example than this very post. I procrastinated it the whole week and kept pushing it to Saturday, because, I felt that I wasn’t ready yet with my best story to put to the world. Had I pushed for my PERFECT story, a bit longer, I would’ve never been able to produce this post at all. That’s the power of “perfectionism based procrastination” as I call it.

Till today, I love making tweaks and changes to my doctoral work, my blogs, my workshop materials, my home decor, my cooking, my emails, my social media posts etc. etc. The list is long. But then, guess what… I still end up finding some proofing mistakes, or spelling mistakes, language errors or something or the other goes wrong, which I could’ve done better. So, what am I really chasing in the name of perfectionism? NOTHING. It is just procrastination. If I ever procrastinated to keep checking in, again and again, I would end up making more Continue reading “Perfectionism is a procrastination syndrome, to not get anything done?”

“My Dream or My Calling or My Passion:” What do those even mean?

I had¬†conducted a small workplace performance research recently, and midst other things, I found that over 50% of people felt that they were in the wrong jobs or doing the work that wasn’t their dream job. Some even felt that they had multiple callings, which they were torn between. In so many cases, these thoughts can cause stress, unhappiness, jealousy, anger and even depression. Yes!!! And one of the biggest reasons for these negative emotions and behavioral patterns is that people are often unable to embrace or accept CHANGE (whether in their immediate/personal environment or social or even economic environment). Basically, when people don’t follow the work or the passion they’re meant to do, the above may happen. Let me explain…


How many times would you have heard this statement?: “Oh! (S)he was so good at this, wonder why (s)he isn’t pursuing that.” Or, someone would say, “I feel my true calling or passion is ___________ but I am stuck in this profession or stuck in life due to my circumstances.” I’ve seen so many people get frustrated with their situations and choices that they forget that there is, ACTUALLY a way out, to do anything that they want. Of course, there may be some trade-offs, which can be measured and evaluated.

Particularly in the context of a career, changes are always very scary. And for obvious reasons, right? We need the money to pay our bills! More often women in many societies have limited choices to make their careers thrive or choose what they’d truly desire. On the other side, men may often just stick around with a particular job they may not be very happy about.

Fear of “career change” is a big issue,¬†in our society at large and we need to Continue reading ““My Dream or My Calling or My Passion:” What do those even mean?”

How being childlike can fuel your happiness, productivity, and creativity.

Have you ever felt elated while playing with water or rain… or smiled from your heart while thowing balloons in the air… or felt relaxed while popping up bubble a wrap… or blowing out water bubbles… or licking icing off the cupcakes… or mindlessly doodling? If the answer is YES to any of it, you too have had fun being childlike. That’s right!

You know, I love being childlike in so many ways because it fuels my creativity, and makes me more productive and of course, makes me so happy! And that’s exactly what this post today talks about.


Before we go any further, let me clarify that there’s a difference between what it means to be childish (which can be deadly) and child like (which is sometimes fun and can really fuel your creativity and productivity). Being childish makes you think that it’s OK to act however you want. But, when you’re childlike you embrace the positive end of the spectrum. When you are childish Continue reading “How being childlike can fuel your happiness, productivity, and creativity.”