How being childlike can fuel your happiness, productivity, and creativity.

Have you ever felt elated while playing with water or rain… or smiled from your heart while thowing balloons in the air… or felt relaxed while popping up bubble a wrap… or blowing out water bubbles… or licking icing off the cupcakes… or mindlessly doodling? If the answer is YES to any of it, you too have had fun being childlike. That’s right!

You know, I love being childlike in so many ways because it fuels my creativity, and makes me more productive and of course, makes me so happy! And that’s exactly what this post today talks about.


Before we go any further, let me clarify that there’s a difference between what it means to be childish (which can be deadly) and child like (which is sometimes fun and can really fuel your creativity and productivity). Being childish makes you think that it’s OK to act however you want. But, when you’re childlike you embrace the positive end of the spectrum. When you are childish about something, think of yourself as an annoying kid, who’d stomp the feet on the ground to get your way through situations. Those are the negatives, associated as childish behaviors. Why does that happen, cause you don’t really know of any pragmatic ways to deal with the situation or even people. On the flipside, sometimes, when you want to fuel your happiness quotient, or productivity or even creatively pursue activities that provide you pure joy, you indulge in childlike pursuits.

When you embrace the positives of childlike behavior in you, you are more aware how to:

  1. Be carefree about what the world thinks about you: I remember listening to one of my favourite speakers of all time, Erik Wahl, who said something so beautiful: “recall being a kindergarten kid. When someone asked in the class, ‘who here an draw?’ Did everyone not raise the hand?” We all actually believed in ourselves so much back then. So, what happened to us as we grew up? Why are we so scared to create or pursue anything now? Many studies have shown that adults are more concerned about what the world thinks rather than focusing on what truly are every individual’s creative calling.
  2. Think of yourself as someone who can do anything: The best part of children of at least until age 5 years, is that they aren’t prone to listening the word “can’t.” They believe they can be anything: firefighters, astronaughts, chefs, doctors, engineers or more, or they can do anything. What happens when we grow up? We get attuned to the word “can’t” that it sticks in our head as a critic. Kids are usually fearless, and that’s the childlike wonder we need. Of course, I mean “fearless” in something that you must pursue, creatively or intellectually. This childlike wonder and courage can can be used in business, or to grow in life. Bring this mindset to your life and see the shift in your productivity patterns.
  3. Be genuinely honest with yourself: Until the time a child learns to lie, there’s always a sense of wonder and sense of honesty within. Every child honestly thinks that he or she can do anything in the world. However, what happens when we grow up? As adults, we get so consumed by the thought, of the perception of ours, which others hold, in their minds that we forget to listen to the true voice. Instead, we shift our focus to the critic within us instead, which not only damages our creativity but also makes us unhappy about our own selves. This also makes us more compassionate towards others as in our core, we want to be nice to others.
  4. Be curious: When children are curious, they explore the world around them keenly. They’re more willing to learn. The childlike curiosity tends to make them significantly more innovative, creative and even original in any pursuit. Learning and exploring, is then, more fun and the new found knowledge is enjoyable. Life doesn’t stop us from growing physically, so why should we stop learning or growing intellectually or even emotionally? A childlike curiosity can do lead us to live a happier and fulfilled life. As Socrates said, “Wonder is the beginning of all wisdom.” So stay curious.
  5. Be the expert decision maker: So many times, kids are better at decision making than adults. It’s true. Did you know that effective decision making can really fuel your productivity? Well, that’s true. Kids generally take the decision and learn from it in life, better than adults. As we grow up, we overevaluate everything in life. Not that I am saying risk management or evalaution is wrong, but excess of anything is bad. Isn’t it?  Sometimes the best decisions are made swiftly.

Now, you tell me: Which of these ideas resonate with you? Do you like being childlike in any sphere of life? How do you practice it?  Do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to read.


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Copyright, 2017.


2 thoughts on “How being childlike can fuel your happiness, productivity, and creativity.

  1. Its great to have you back and once again you nailed it. As adults we all need to “grow up” so to speak and take things more serriously. Yet, at the same time we can’t take things to serriously to were we arn’t able to enjoy life. It is having a “childlike” view of the world allows one to imagin and think outside the box, and to create. There is a reason why as humans we grow first form childhood and then into adulthood. Also comapared to other animal species our childhood years are longer and take up a good percentage of our lives. Perhaps the reason for this is to fullly develop our childhood imagination.


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