“My Dream or My Calling or My Passion:” What do those even mean?

I had conducted a small workplace performance research recently, and midst other things, I found that over 50% of people felt that they were in the wrong jobs or doing the work that wasn’t their dream job. Some even felt that they had multiple callings, which they were torn between. In so many cases, these thoughts can cause stress, unhappiness, jealousy, anger and even depression. Yes!!! And one of the biggest reasons for these negative emotions and behavioral patterns is that people are often unable to embrace or accept CHANGE (whether in their immediate/personal environment or social or even economic environment). Basically, when people don’t follow the work or the passion they’re meant to do, the above may happen. Let me explain…


How many times would you have heard this statement?: “Oh! (S)he was so good at this, wonder why (s)he isn’t pursuing that.” Or, someone would say, “I feel my true calling or passion is ___________ but I am stuck in this profession or stuck in life due to my circumstances.” I’ve seen so many people get frustrated with their situations and choices that they forget that there is, ACTUALLY a way out, to do anything that they want. Of course, there may be some trade-offs, which can be measured and evaluated.

Particularly in the context of a career, changes are always very scary. And for obvious reasons, right? We need the money to pay our bills! More often women in many societies have limited choices to make their careers thrive or choose what they’d truly desire. On the other side, men may often just stick around with a particular job they may not be very happy about.

Fear of “career change” is a big issue, in our society at large and we need to deal with it more compassionately, since money and families get involved. Many people or even societies can’t accept people who wish to make career changes. Some can’t even think about it or understand why is it important. I am a multi-aspirational soul and I know how difficult it is. Itt hasn’t been easy for anyone, especially when everyone in the immediate circle wants to track your moves and have a comment ready at the drop of the hat. I’ve been there, which is why, I wanted to share a few things to help others understand that choosing and following through your calling is possible! So, jump in and try to pursue it! But be strategic about it. Here’s how.

  • Ensure you choose well and follow through: Choose the passion or your calling carefully, and see how it fits into your daily life. For instance, if you’ve been wondering about getting your business started, or getting some course done in painting or pottery etc. Go ahead and go bonkers! See which of your passions or callings, whether professional or personal, do you truly want to pursue. Just go for it!
  • Plan your time for it: You and I both know, that simply thinking about something you REALLY want to do is not going to make it happen. An action is key. The biggest excuse a lot of people make whether they are busy mums, busy homemakers or busy professionals etc. that they’re too darn busy. Imagine out of all the hours you spend in a day, if you could initially begin dedicating just one hour in the morning, or perhaps in the afternoon, or at night, how would that help you? I know that one extra hour; which is either when I wake up early or go to bed late, can help me get a lot done.
  • Have no regrets, keep your passions private or be brave to show it off to the world: If you truly want to do something, you won’t have any excuses. If you genuinely believe AND know something is your calling, go ahead and pursue it. In the process, ensure that you strengthen your mind to not have any regrets about doing something you truly love. You can obviously dabble with your various passions, keep it private if you want to or if you’re brave, say it, who cares. Only you should care about it: tell yourself that.
  • Don’t bother about naysayers: Since time immemorial, we’ve been trying to categorize people and professions, these have led to class systems, caste systems, and more divide. So, if you try to go out of the “routine life” people will question you. Everyone will have an opinion and trust me, it is theirs to stay. People will talk and you should know that that’s OK. You are here in the world to do your best, no matter what you choose.
  • Take feedbackonly from credible sources, who you can trust: Finally, if you want someone’s opinion on a subject, ensure that they’re credible sources. I’ll give you an example from my personal life. When I moved from the media industry to teaching/training, creating learning modules or even human performance coaching, people didn’t understand. To make myself feel worse about my decision, I’d asked my mum about my choices. My mum of course, wasn’t the authority on this, confusingly she told me “you didn’t study for this, it’s ridiculous.” Well, thank God I didn’t listen to her, then. I love her but she wasn’t the expert in this area and it was me, looking in the wrong direction. Now, that I’m doing my doctorate, a lot of people ask me why did you add health, nutrition, and wellbeing. Well, people may not get it. And that’s OK. They may not be the right audience anyway. Tomorrow, perhaps, more people may understand our choices, if not that’s OK. Just do you best.

Now, you tell me: Do you plan to explore something you’re passionate about? How can you go about it? What choices would you need to make today? Do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to read.


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2 thoughts on ““My Dream or My Calling or My Passion:” What do those even mean?

  1. Love your post and you make some very good points. When you start something new that you feel very strong about, you need to take it very seriously and have a plan and you do need to allow for good construtive feedback to help to achieve your “goals” yet at the same time not allow the “negative feedback” to get to you and stop you from going forward.


    1. Thank you so much, Chase. I really appreciate your comment. You’ve used the right word I feel: constructive feedback. And I feel every person should be able to receive and at some point be able to provide constructive feedback. I completely agree with you that sometimes that one negative thing can hit us but the key is to keep moving forward. Thank you for this reminder. 🙂


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