Is your brain being an ageist? Here’s how you can kick ageism’s ass.

If one thing’s true, it’s the fact that we aren’t getting any younger, chronologically. Hey!!! Don’t get offended by that. It’s a fact. And THAT’s OKAY! But we need to stop telling ourselves that we are too old or too young to do something that we truly desire.

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Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about hitting our milestone birthday, this year. She started saying that she expected herself to have been so much ahead by now: academically, socially, and even financially. I thought she was doing pretty well, as per what I saw, however, she wasn’t convinced. I remember looking at her and thinking, she’s always been such a spirited, fun woman, who enjoyed her life no matter what bumpers came in the way. Suddenly, she stopped it all. She felt she was too old for anything to accomplish anymore (mind you she’s only turning 30): So, too old to party, or too old to wear the trendy clothes, or even too old start her own company, or even get the job that she most desired (Seriously). Now, obviously my face dropped, because I didn’t expect HER to feel this way. But then I realized we’ve all been there… in this very same situation.

We’ve been made to feel that a certain age is our “peak” whether this belief set in from our immediate family circle, or society at large, or stereotypically by the media… it has been ingrained in us. We think, given a certain age, we need to achieve EVERYTHING or else we’re DOOMED! How silly is that. I completely disagree! All ages are our peaks. We’re doing and can do our best of best, at any given age, if we set Continue reading “Is your brain being an ageist? Here’s how you can kick ageism’s ass.”