Is your brain being an ageist? Here’s how you can kick ageism’s ass.

If one thing’s true, it’s the fact that we aren’t getting any younger, chronologically. Hey!!! Don’t get offended by that. It’s a fact. And THAT’s OKAY! But we need to stop telling ourselves that we are too old or too young to do something that we truly desire.

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Recently, a friend of mine and I were talking about hitting our milestone birthday, this year. She started saying that she expected herself to have been so much ahead by now: academically, socially, and even financially. I thought she was doing pretty well, as per what I saw, however, she wasn’t convinced. I remember looking at her and thinking, she’s always been such a spirited, fun woman, who enjoyed her life no matter what bumpers came in the way. Suddenly, she stopped it all. She felt she was too old for anything to accomplish anymore (mind you she’s only turning 30): So, too old to party, or too old to wear the trendy clothes, or even too old start her own company, or even get the job that she most desired (Seriously). Now, obviously my face dropped, because I didn’t expect HER to feel this way. But then I realized we’ve all been there… in this very same situation.

We’ve been made to feel that a certain age is our “peak” whether this belief set in from our immediate family circle, or society at large, or stereotypically by the media… it has been ingrained in us. We think, given a certain age, we need to achieve EVERYTHING or else we’re DOOMED! How silly is that. I completely disagree! All ages are our peaks. We’re doing and can do our best of best, at any given age, if we set our heart and mind to it. Our mind’s a bloody ageist. We’ve been successfully conditioned into believing that we’re productive only at a certain age, or can be fit at a certain age, or can start a business or change careers certain age or live life to the fullest until a certain age or one of the biggies for the women, stay beautiful only until a certain age. The list is endless! And we need to put an end to it. If you’ve ever struggled with your mind or people around you being “ageist,” you gotta visit the steps down below.


  1. Simply embrace your real self and remind yourself of this Dr. Seus Quote: This is hands down my mantra in life: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” No matter where you stand, what you have, what you’ve done, what you can do… all that matters today, is that there cannot be another human being like YOU. Your DNA is special and can do miraculous things, perhaps you’re already doing it. So, give yourself some credit, embrace your true self, regardless of age. Stop your critical mind to add another segment, to govern your life.
  2. Challenge the status quo in your head: Every time you’re in a situation where you believe, you should’ve been further ahead, or you’re too old to do something or the “right age” is gone…. remind yourself that today, we may think yesterday was better or tomorrow, we may feel the next time would be better. So, what happens to the present moment? We’re sucked into this thought process, again and again. Remind yourself that THIS IS YOUR PEAK. Today is what you have, you can challenge the status quo in your head that defines or draws the strong lines against what is possible and what is not possible to do given your age or even someone else’s.
  3. Question and find your ‘why & how’ in every aspect of your life: As Simon Sinek rightly says, it is important to look for what matters to you and WHY is it important. No matter, what your ambition or goal or want is… in a given moment, all you need is a drive, to pursue it. Age, circumstances etc. will truly seem like secondary things. You need to understand WHY does it (your goal, ambition, or task) matter to you and HOW will it make you FEEL once you’ve accomplished it. Sometimes, we’re actually scared to think believe that we can start where were are, we aren’t too old or too young to do pursue our calling.
  4. When in doubt or fear, look up for inspiration or your tribe: A little bit of inspiration definitely goes a long way. Oh! And if you specifically look at it in areas of your interest and define it under the umbrella of age, you’ll realize, so many people have reached their ideas of success on their own terms, given their real age, no matter what. Often it is fear driving us. As much as fear is important for our survival, (cause definitely it saves us every single time to not get hit by a car on a high-speed road), it also hinders our growth in certain areas of life. Our fear will tell us in the gym to not to keep holding that squat or plank for a minute, cause it hurts even though we know it’s good for our muscles. Fear would tell us that we’ll get hurt. But think about it, sometimes our fear can be so stupid. It makes us doubt our ability to do something. More often we blanket this fear to do something constructive or try something new, under the umbrella of inappropriate age-based activity. Then, we doubt ourselves, our credibility and more. These are the times when you should use GOOGLE and find other people in the same areas who have challenged the status quo without regret. Chances are high that in EVERY sphere you will find some inspiration or even like-minded tribe. If not, you can be the FIRST one, because you CAN.
  5. Just try and do the work: Finally, you will only know or be able to break free from the ageist mind of yours when you actually set out to do the WORK. Just go ahead and try things, test the waters. Do it and prove it that age is just a number in any aspect of life. 🙂

Now you tell me about your aegist brain. Do you have an aegist brain that tells you, “you’re too old or too young to do something?” Have you snapped out of it? If yes, what did you do? Or do you struggle with this thinking… tell us why in comments below.


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Copyright, 2017.


2 thoughts on “Is your brain being an ageist? Here’s how you can kick ageism’s ass.

  1. Great point you made on not letting one’s age limit ourselves. I will point out that it is not just old age and society that holds us down, but young age and society as well. This is best seen in our education system where we put to much importance on grade levels and age. If you are not this age then you can’t handel this or that kind of learning. Yet, it is known that this kind of limitation is false. Back in the times of colonial and Early U.S. America, there was several exampels of peopel attending collage by the age of 13. This means the the knowage and expectaions tought to pre-teenage kids was very high and demanding, much more so then it is today. My question is why did we stop having high expectations for our young.


    1. Hey Chase… thank you for your comment. You’ve brought up some great points and I am so thankful for that. I’m glad you’ve brought this dimension of how the younger ones are treated too at times… we need to bring this up more often so that people are aware that they’re doing it and it ain’t right.


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