Who runs TE and Why?

TE is run and managed by Priyanka Chopra – that is me. 13256355_10153607151493779_5365263903287774858_n🙂 I’m a lifelong learner, who loves to curate and disseminate knowledge.

Am I qualified to do this? Totally! My professional and personal experiences, degrees and certifications make me an instructional designer and a performance coach, with a media edge. I  am also Doctoral student at Indiana University for the same!

Insight without action is useless, which is why total edification aims to provide actionable insight and strategies for individuals, teams and organizations, to maximize  potential and aid performance at work and in life. My blogs talk about the hardest skills, i.e. the soft skills (no, I am not being sarcastic here, soft skills are definitely the hardest to learn). Besides that I also provide technical information for trainers and elearning professionals as well. Nevertheless, the focus is always on the individual’s learning.

Etymologically to ‘edify‘ means to ‘teach‘, and Total Edification (TE) is a humble attempt transfer holistic training for you to be your best possible self.  I email FREE tools and resources to my TE insiders every Sunday. Trust me you will LOVE them! If you want in, then SIGN UP HERE.

If you want to work with me – be a coaching client or you want elearning instructional design – then, connect with me through the Priyanka Chopra Umrigar Website or email me.

Also, are we connected on social media?

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