Over a month down since ATD 2017: let’s check-in?

I have two questions for you: After conferences, how do you bring back the energy, connections, and projects to life? Do you follow through? At some point, we’ve all been through the “not following-through” formula. We have all met brilliant folks, gathered great insights but then when it comes to ACTION, what happens? It’s all gone to the drain.

Everyone talks about pre-conferences, and then post-conference experiences, and insights (almost immediately after they’ve attended one). Of course, it is for obvious reasons: the knowledge is fresh in people’s minds, we recall faces and people better, and we aim to market ourselves well, to literally put ourselves out there, right? But no onw talks about what do we do with all the knowledge and contacts. How do we effectively channelize information? Indeed, ATD ICE, May 2017 was a blast for me! It was a mix of fun learning, engagement, meeting friends, making friends (

Indeed, ATD-ICE May, 2017, was a blast for me! It was a mix of fun learning, engagement, meeting friends, making friends (I wouldn’t want to use the term “networking” 😉) and of course doing business.  This year, instead of writing ‘what I did each day,’ I decided to FOLLOW THROUGH, the new concepts I’d learned, check-in with people I met, complete the projects I received.


I was planning to write a post almost immediately after the conference, however, things didn’t quite turn out the way I’d imagined. I came back to the sad and disheartening news of my mother-in-law’s demise. I immediately rushed to Mumbai. I was heartbroken, I dearly loved her like my own mom. The impermanence of life hit me hard. It took me a while to get back to work. However, while I was at it, I decided that this year, instead of writing ‘what I did each day,‘ I am going check-in if I FOLLOWED THROUGH.

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What did I do when Murphy ‘s law actually came true?

OK! Quick questions for you: How many times have you been in situations where things just didn’t work for you? Or that day, when everything seemed to be going? Or that project, where you couldn’t get the work done right?


Well, a few weeks back I had to go for not just one but two pitches, (Oh! The time when it pours, it pours). I was super excited and kicked to present my work and hoping that I’d get the work, however, a few days before the pitch my laptop started getting, what I call, as “panic attacks.” The OS in my laptop got updated and since then the software in my system started acting up. My internet stopped working, my office tools didn’t function and I couldn’t access some of my files. I was practically staring at my screen, almost in tears, thinking what am I supposed to do NOW. It was a disaster! I experienced Murphy’s law at it’s best. And even though I am a good planner Continue reading “What did I do when Murphy ‘s law actually came true?”

You can be diplomatically honest at work and in life.

I recently revisited the movie Interstellar and there’s a dialogue between Cooper and Tars which goes something like this:

Cooper: Hey TARS, what’s your honesty parameter

TARS: 90 percent.

Cooper: 90 percent?

TARS: Absolute honesty isn’t always the most diplomatic nor the safest form of communication with emotional beings.

Cooper: Okay, 90 percent it is.

It caught my attention and got me thinking in multiple ways. I find TARS absolutely charming and genuinely fun in the movie. If you’ve seen the film, you may remember the above scene. It got me thinking about the way we conduct our relationships, whether personally or professionally. We often alter the way we think and feel in our hearts, for whatever reasons, and become dishonest in our responses. How many times have you questioned yourselves if “honesty is the best policy?” This is one statement that has been told to us since we were kids. We might have even followed it when we were young but wonder what happens to us as we grow up.


Well, what if I were to tell you that you could get your way around situations without being dishonest?  I’m here to get you out of that sticky situation where you feel obliged to not speak your mind and heart. Here are five factors for you to consider:-

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Art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Everyday!

I have been pondering over what “feedback” does to us, for quite a while now. The thought regarding feedback – both seeking and giving – came to me in one of the training discussions, where we were exploring the concept of ‘learning through the lifespan of adulthood.’ One of my peers spoke about her feelings on feedback, as she said, ‘she stopped seeking feedback from her parents, since it didn’t add value to her growth!’ What she was truly referring to was the societal perception, provided to another person, so that one conforms to the situation. Now, this could be good or bad, however, let me ask you the following questions:Feedback_PCUInc

How many times have you asked your friends?  – Am I looking fat? Is my make-up OK? Am I dressed well for this meeting? Do I need to carry the presentation with me? – Of course these are simple questions for which we need simple responses and that is feedback provided to us, when we need it. When we seek feedback in the most subtle forms Continue reading “Art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Everyday!”

Mindfulness: Importance of Your Presence in the Present

Every individual is grappling with short attention span these days. The increase in the number of distractions and the information overload results in a distracted and fuzzy state of mind. In a world, where we are expected to deliver work and deadlines due for yesterday, what really works is a mindful approach than just a mind full of s**t.


It was August last year, when I authentically started my fitness journey (I say authentically, because before that I was either just following crash diets or being a part of a fad fitness phase). During this fitness journey, I got introduced to yoga, which did more good to my mind and body, in less amount of time. The most important thing yoga taught me was how to be mindful i.e. to be present in the moment – while being active, focused and attentive of the environment without any judgement. I’m not saying that yoga is THE method to seek Continue reading “Mindfulness: Importance of Your Presence in the Present”