The art of committing to the present moment.

The struggle is real! We’re either living in the past or the future. What happens NOW? It has been my personal journey to consciously choose to live every moment to the best of my ability. Trust me, it has not been easy for me. I’ve always been overly ambitious, multi-aspirational (while being good at all of them) and driven. But, I can say that this trait, even though seemed like a boon, was actually a bane. It constantly made me worry about my future, I never enjoyed the present moment and would more often ponder over my past mistakes. It isn’t the ideal life, right? As Steven Pressfield calls it, this behavior is just resistance showing up. It is a way to procrastinate the things that I wanted to do.

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As mentioned in the last blog of mine, the impermanence of life hit me hard when my mother in law passed away. In that month, when I was in mourning, I still had professional (coaching and ID clients) and academic commitments (my ongoing doctorate). I didn’t feel like doing anything. I felt drained and literally had no energy or capacity to work. But I had no option! When things have to be done, they get done! The energy then comes from within, even if it means I need to stay up till 4 in the morning. It took me a while to understand that all I can do is live in the moment and churn out the things, one at a time.

So, when one of my clients asked me that how do I commit to tasks, stay true all that I do… still eat clean, still deliver the work and academic projects, stay calm in tough situations and genuinely commit to people… I knew I had to write this post!

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Let’s focus on productivity instead of being busy… shall we?

Heads up, I’m going to take you through this post with a little contradiction. Yes! You’ll see what I mean. Yesterday, I was really BUSYYY – doing nothing productive. Even though I love my super productive days, I cherish my ‘busy for nothing’ days too! More often, these days don’t come to me but I try.

Before I move on to say why the above is important, I want to lay emphasis on the use of the term “busy.” We take ‘being busy’ as a badge of honor, as though we’ve been super productive. Largely, when we’re telling a lot of our pals, our teams or even our families that we’re busy, we use this term as a glorious distinction to undermine another person’s time over ours (even if we don’t really intend to). For some, indeed, it would’ve been a productive environment, for some stressful, for some just hectic, and for some just occupied with mindless tasks. They are all FINE. However, being busy doesn’t really mean we’re being productive (since the latter has a clear end goal and achievement attached to it).

Being the type A person I want to be productively busy, every time. I want to stick to my schedules with a strict discipline and diligence. Though I was ‘busy’ yesterday,  wasn’t particularly productive – I cooked my lovely healthy meals, talked to my parents at length, did video calls with two of my long distance friends (felt soo good), enjoyed the rainy weather over a cuppa, chatted with my husband about our plans, and more. Well, the point that I’m making is… that there’s a huge difference between being productive and being busy.

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Get stuff done in time, every time.

Often in many of my one-on-one sessions I get asked: How to set daily or weekly or monthly or yearly achievable goals? or How can I be more productive? Even though people are doing their best often so many times it feels, we aren’t doing enough. When in reality we just got the right amount of things done. I have been a victim of trying to put too many eggs in my basket and not being able to focus on anyone of them. Being productive is a big challenge for most people. In today’s busy world, when things are due for yesterday, we really have to be cautious about where and how we’re spending our time. This is the key to getting things done and being our most productive selves.

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Hard work and smart work leads you to success!

I was the hardest of the hard workers in school, college and at work. However, I felt that I wasn’t doing enough and that the others might be getting ahead of me by doing just a little. Even though I felt, some of the folks around me weren’t working as hard as I do, they might have been getting “ahead” with very little effort. Now, mind you, I am not condemning those people, honestly, I  wasn’t dejected or looking down upon anything or anyone.


I wanted to introspect and reflect upon what I was doing wrong or maybe not appropriately, to reach my competitive edge. I wanted to really observe and apply any tactic that could benefit me (and see if it was a good fit). The great revelation I had was that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but I had to do a little bit more (nope, not to work harder than what I already was doing, instead work smarter).

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Make Your Goals Achievable!

The new year is just a couple of hours away and we’ve set our eyes on the coming year to be better than the one we had this year… Right? At least, we all think and try to get there. I wasn’t a big fan of yearly goal setting rather I would think that I should make 5-year plans and try to “focus” on them. Has it worked for me? Totally! However, it didn’t work for me quite the way I thought it would. Though I got the big picture right, but what about the mechanism of achieving those goals? That was not quite what it should’ve been. I’ve always envisioned what I want and worked for it.

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Road to Success Begins with your Goals!

Over the years, what I have realized is that it is important to “write down” the goals you have envisioned. Not just write it down anywhere but in a place, you would want to revisit them and view them. It is important to write your goals rather than
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