Learning in Reflection 4: What’s the trend?

ATD 2016, Day 4 (25 May, 2016):

I jumped out of the bed and kick-started my day with Becky Pike Pluth‘s session, Discover 7 techniques to enhance learner motivated (5 ways to avoid squelching motivation).CjTwDShUkAAi4X3 She built the session around what she was propagating, curiosity. She is an experiential trainer and practically engaged the entire 200+ professionals present at her session. I’m sure, even if there was a 1% chance of someone feeling a little sleepy, would have woken up with the idea of using clickers in the session! Who doesn’t love indulging in a little bit of playful activity? She used game based elements to assess our prior knowledge and what we gathered at her session. Her emphasis on generating curiosity through creative training techniques for the learners, such as Continue reading “Learning in Reflection 4: What’s the trend?”

Learning in Reflection 3: Vulnerability leads to courage.

ATD 2016, Day 3 (24 May, 2016):

The third day began with great zeal and excitement. Didn’t happen to sit right at the front, but had a pretty good view. I was absolutely excited for Brene Brown‘s session, she is THE master for teaching courage through vulnerability. For those of you, who don’t know her, she is a best selling author, speaker, storyteller and researcher.

Brene’s book Daring Greatly, among others, has been appreciated by many and her TED talk is one of the top viewed talks of all. 20160524_110702She makes sure she calls herself a researcher storyteller and she sure is that. Her emphasis on storytelling struck a chord with me. I love storytelling in elearning, and in informal learning and even in training. (I love using stories from my life and from my environment, to enable a positive change in teams, organizations and people: guess what, this strategy has been successful 90% of the times). So, which is why, I completely agreed and nodded vehemently, when Brene Brown shared that “narratives lead to a behavior change and our brains are wired for stories.” Storytelling aid information recall, allow us to learn better and actually transform ourselves into our best possible selves. Continue reading “Learning in Reflection 3: Vulnerability leads to courage.”

Learning in Reflection 2: Leadership, ROI and Girl Power!

ATD 2016, Day 2 (23 May, 2016):

I’m back with another post in my learning in reflection series.IMG_nhlm1y First of all, I have to state, I loved being greeted by the Big Blue Bear at the convention center, every morning. The headline’s a little weird, isn’t it? Well, they are related to an eventful and action packed Monday I had at #ATD2016. It all began with the inspiration from Simon Sinek in the morning’s keynote!

The day began early, with a huge line waiting Continue reading “Learning in Reflection 2: Leadership, ROI and Girl Power!”

Learning in Reflection: Meet, greet and begin!

ATD 2016, Day 1 (22nd May 2016):

It’s 2nd time in a row that I  went for Association of Talent Development’s (ATD) International Conference and Exposition (ICE). The ATD ICE 2016, held in Denver had a lot in store and I knew I had to prep in advance. IMG-20160603-WA0001

Homz Umrigar and I are the husband and wife duo of ATD, as we’d like to call ourselves 😉 Even though we love sharing knowledge, we are almost always on Continue reading “Learning in Reflection: Meet, greet and begin!”

World of Introverts: Understanding Yourself, Them, and Working Effectively!

I am a big fan of debates that spring up often regarding different personality types and how can one “deal” with them at work. I love to hear people talk about different perceptions regarding what or rather who, is the “right fit” for the society, for the workplace, also at home.

For instance, my mother-in-law loves to say that my husband, i.e. her son, is an introvert just like her. She loves this idea and has been instilling it in my husband since he was a child. Indeed being the only child, he had been a loner but he is quite the gregarious guy I’ve known, and even his, and my friends would agree! Anyways, the point of this is that though my mother-in-law is a lovely woman, she is also headstrong about her opinions and has set perceptions regarding introverts and extroverts, and believes that the former is better than the latter. She is intimidated by extroverts. Being an introvert herself, she feels that her “type” is better than the other and should be preferred. The reason I shared this little anecdote, is to stress upon the fact that often we fall prey to what other believe is the right side.

In reality, there is no right or wrong or better or worse type here.IMG_0077 The universal truth is that introverts, extroverts and even ambiverts (yes, there is a word like that) exist in our society. Our presumed extrovert society exerts pressure on introverts to be an extrovert all the Continue reading “World of Introverts: Understanding Yourself, Them, and Working Effectively!”

Creating a social community of learning.

Social media training has its good, back and ugly phases, let’s explore how each one can be tackled, while you are creating your social learning community.

The good, the bad, the ugly

All the tools, under each category can be used as a tool for creating a community of learners. It is the most important aspect. This implies that the organizational culture becomes the learning culture and thereby, ensures that employees are in tune with the company’s expectations and are delivering results. If you work in a traditional or virtual Continue reading “Creating a social community of learning.”

The #ATD2015 Series: Day4, the last and final day!

20 May, 2015:

I feel everyone was quite hungover from the networking night, I didn’t seem to find too many people in the convention center the next morning. I started my day at the Global Village, slowly moving to Susan Croft’s networking session. She was great and it was a lively session, overall. She made networking sound fun to even those who call themselves to be extremely introvert. The key to networking is Continue reading “The #ATD2015 Series: Day4, the last and final day!”

The #ATD2015 Series: Day 3: fun at the Expo, meeting people and more…

19 May, 2015:

I was quite excited for Day 3 and hearing it from Dr. Sugata Mitra about his “Hole in the Wall” project. I knew he was talking about the future of learning, I’d heard him speak on TED, other conferences, several times over the decade. His work is phenomenal. But I kept wondering, now what’s next? My morning didn’t have much planned, so I was headed towards the EXPO hall to join in the hustle bustle of the expo. I met the Axonify team, bumped into my husband again, met a few lovely and happy personalities of L&D. Moving on with the day, I had planned to attend a couple of sessions, Continue reading “The #ATD2015 Series: Day 3: fun at the Expo, meeting people and more…”

The #ATD2015 Series: Day2 – General Sessions, Exposition and Social Media :)

18 May, 2015:

I barely slept the night before Day, 2. 18th May, 2015 started with the general session, early morning Andrea Jung,CEO of Grameen America and former CEO of Avon, delighted the audiences with her key message on #leadershipdevelopment that CEOs need to Continue reading “The #ATD2015 Series: Day2 – General Sessions, Exposition and Social Media :)”

The #ATD2015 Series: Day 1 of the Conference at Orange County Convention Center!

17 May, 2015:

I was super excited to be at the #ATD2015 conference in Orlando. Before the excitement, came the 14 hour flight from Dubai to New York and then from New York to Orlando, which was almost 20+ hours of travel. (Mind it, this is gonna be skewed towards Instructional Design and Learning Technologies, because Continue reading “The #ATD2015 Series: Day 1 of the Conference at Orange County Convention Center!”