The art of committing to the present moment.

The struggle is real! We’re either living in the past or the future. What happens NOW? It has been my personal journey to consciously choose to live every moment to the best of my ability. Trust me, it has not been easy for me. I’ve always been overly ambitious, multi-aspirational (while being good at all of them) and driven. But, I can say that this trait, even though seemed like a boon, was actually a bane. It constantly made me worry about my future, I never enjoyed the present moment and would more often ponder over my past mistakes. It isn’t the ideal life, right? As Steven Pressfield calls it, this behavior is just resistance showing up. It is a way to procrastinate the things that I wanted to do.

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As mentioned in the last blog of mine, the impermanence of life hit me hard when my mother in law passed away. In that month, when I was in mourning, I still had professional (coaching and ID clients) and academic commitments (my ongoing doctorate). I didn’t feel like doing anything. I felt drained and literally had no energy or capacity to work. But I had no option! When things have to be done, they get done! The energy then comes from within, even if it means I need to stay up till 4 in the morning. It took me a while to understand that all I can do is live in the moment and churn out the things, one at a time.

So, when one of my clients asked me that how do I commit to tasks, stay true all that I do… still eat clean, still deliver the work and academic projects, stay calm in tough situations and genuinely commit to people… I knew I had to write this post!

One thing is for sure, it all seems tough until Continue reading “The art of committing to the present moment.”

How humor helps you stay motivated and to motivate others at work.

My husband and I used to work together before we fell in love and got hitched. 😉 The one thing that I really love about him [rather got attracted to even then, among other things], was, his approach to humor. He would always make things a little funny and little fun, even in the most stressful and grave situations. He would always tell me “life’s too short to be sad and serious.” I often  discredited that and would always tell him, “easy for you to say it.” However, over the years I’ve really learned to cherished his ability to humor things out in most critical times and making situations seem better. It is his best asset at work too.

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Now, let me put a disclaimer in Continue reading “How humor helps you stay motivated and to motivate others at work.”

Thinking process, emotions, and your productivity!

Last year, I’d read The Free Mind and The Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono. While I was reading it, I got reminded of a beautiful learning experience I had (which I’m sharing  with you now).

Free Thinking MindPCUIntl.png

I am the kind of person who loves good and meaningful cinema, especially animated films. Animated films would almost always have a deeper message and teaches Continue reading “Thinking process, emotions, and your productivity!”

Are you able to balance your work and life?

Maintaining a nearly perfect work-life balance is a hot button topic for learning and development professionals, as much as it is a hot button topic for individuals, working across sectors and industries.


So, here’s something I want to share, before I move on with the actionable stuff! I was working as a publishing editor for a while and the working hours were way too erratic! I would leave for work at 8 am and reach home everyday, latest by 10pm (i.e. a regular day). Thankfully, if I had a “light day” I’d have time to Continue reading “Are you able to balance your work and life?”

Art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Everyday!

I have been pondering over what “feedback” does to us, for quite a while now. The thought regarding feedback – both seeking and giving – came to me in one of the training discussions, where we were exploring the concept of ‘learning through the lifespan of adulthood.’ One of my peers spoke about her feelings on feedback, as she said, ‘she stopped seeking feedback from her parents, since it didn’t add value to her growth!’ What she was truly referring to was the societal perception, provided to another person, so that one conforms to the situation. Now, this could be good or bad, however, let me ask you the following questions:Feedback_PCUInc

How many times have you asked your friends?  – Am I looking fat? Is my make-up OK? Am I dressed well for this meeting? Do I need to carry the presentation with me? – Of course these are simple questions for which we need simple responses and that is feedback provided to us, when we need it. When we seek feedback in the most subtle forms Continue reading “Art of Feedback: Subtle Reactions We Seek Everyday!”

Get over the disease of ‘busyness’ to live a LIFE!

Not so long ago, I had read an article that said, “being busy is not a badge of honor.” Those lines are absolutely true! I simply want to say it to all those beautiful, humbling and awesome people out there, who think they are cursed with the disease of being “too busy,” that making time for work-play-life-family-and more is TOTALLY possible! It is in your hands [a little reality check here] to be busy or not to be! Be careful regarding what tag you are attaching to your day, week, month, schedule etc. It is all about how do you classify your time, manage it and most importantly project it!

Did you know about the psychological aspects of using the term busy constantly? Well it not only drains your energy but also convinces your mind that you cannot perform too well anymore. I came across a beautiful research on the psychological aspects of using certain terms, especially this monster four letter word: BUSY.

It is most of the time that we MANUFACTURE our busyness, to make ourselves feel better than someone else. Busy NotPCUIncHowever, we don’t realize the damage that term term is doing to us, to our friends and families (with whom we talk about “our lives” being so busy). Manufacturing busyness is Continue reading “Get over the disease of ‘busyness’ to live a LIFE!”

Unleash your inner creativity for a fulfilling life!

I will start with a little piece of inspiration. Every time my husband comes home after a bad day at work, he gets his canvas and his paints out, he sits in silence and starts to paint. He creates whatever fancies him at that moment. I often tell him, “it’s a great job” even if it wouldn’t be. There are two reasons behind my empathetic and appreciative behavior. CreativeCollagePCUINC

The first, I know what his art means to him, it is NOT a medium of expression for him, it’s just play time and therapy to unwind after a long day of work. Secondly, I want to encourage him, just like a mother would encourage a child to hone a talent, when they see potential ;). Mind you he wasn’t always so inclined to paint. I noticed one day how he admired art work, how he tried to emulate it digitally and Continue reading “Unleash your inner creativity for a fulfilling life!”

Make Your Goals Achievable!

The new year is just a couple of hours away and we’ve set our eyes on the coming year to be better than the one we had this year… Right? At least, we all think and try to get there. I wasn’t a big fan of yearly goal setting rather I would think that I should make 5-year plans and try to “focus” on them. Has it worked for me? Totally! However, it didn’t work for me quite the way I thought it would. Though I got the big picture right, but what about the mechanism of achieving those goals? That was not quite what it should’ve been. I’ve always envisioned what I want and worked for it.

Empty asphalt road towards cloud and signs symbolizing success a
Road to Success Begins with your Goals!

Over the years, what I have realized is that it is important to “write down” the goals you have envisioned. Not just write it down anywhere but in a place, you would want to revisit them and view them. It is important to write your goals rather than
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World of Introverts: Understanding Yourself, Them, and Working Effectively!

I am a big fan of debates that spring up often regarding different personality types and how can one “deal” with them at work. I love to hear people talk about different perceptions regarding what or rather who, is the “right fit” for the society, for the workplace, also at home.

For instance, my mother-in-law loves to say that my husband, i.e. her son, is an introvert just like her. She loves this idea and has been instilling it in my husband since he was a child. Indeed being the only child, he had been a loner but he is quite the gregarious guy I’ve known, and even his, and my friends would agree! Anyways, the point of this is that though my mother-in-law is a lovely woman, she is also headstrong about her opinions and has set perceptions regarding introverts and extroverts, and believes that the former is better than the latter. She is intimidated by extroverts. Being an introvert herself, she feels that her “type” is better than the other and should be preferred. The reason I shared this little anecdote, is to stress upon the fact that often we fall prey to what other believe is the right side.

In reality, there is no right or wrong or better or worse type here.IMG_0077 The universal truth is that introverts, extroverts and even ambiverts (yes, there is a word like that) exist in our society. Our presumed extrovert society exerts pressure on introverts to be an extrovert all the Continue reading “World of Introverts: Understanding Yourself, Them, and Working Effectively!”