Self-motivation in the simplest form.

Motivation and drive to succeed that is crucial for our optimal performance. Self-motivation is no joke; several academicians, researchers and learning and training professionals, dedicate their life’s work to this topic. Anyone interested in personal development needs to strategically understand what motivates them, what drives them to stay hungry and strive harder for success. Motivation is an important part of emotional intelligence, which drives us at work and in life. My guest blogger today, Urbie Delgado, shares a wonderful story about self-motivation that’s sure to get you thinking about your drive and self-motivation.


Urbie is an instructional and learning experience designer. urbieHis experience includes teaching animation and programming with Estrella Mountain Community College and course production in the corporate, K-12, and government market segments. He currently works for the federal government developing transformational training for healthcare providers. Urbie holds a BA degree in behavioral science from Western International University and an Ms Ed. degree in instructional design from Capella University. He has certificates in multimedia production and continuous improvement through the UC Santa Cruz Extension. Prior to his work in teaching and learning he worked in high technology manufacturing for companies like Intel and Motorola maintaining semiconductor production equipment.

His long standing experience, and an excellent approach to his work and life makes the right person to talk about motivation. Here’s what he has to say, read on..


I interviewed with a prospective client the other day. It was a panel sort of affair. You know, the one with the long narrow tables arranged in a U-shape with the division manager, a subject matter expert (SME) or two and that dude from contracting seated on each side and you in the middle. Anyway, we were moving along splendidly when I got The Question.

Who What Where on Blackboard
Who What Where on Blackboard


Like any good contractor worth her or his salt I had given this some Continue reading “Self-motivation in the simplest form.”

Be resourceful: How to make the most of your available assets.

While having a casual conversation with a friend of mine, we started talking about attitudes at work. She told me, “I love that person at work who turns every situation in his/her favor. Nothing seems to stop him/her to achieve the goals, not matter what the situation might be. The best part is that the person never complains.”


I listened to her intently, to the extent that she thought she almost lost me. I responded slowly, “you just stated qualities that we must adopt in order to succeed.

Confused? Let me explain. I could tell she was in awe of this person, (whoever she might be referring to at her workplace), clearly that person was a high achiever. She definitely wanted to be in the same situation but wasn’t able to. It reminded me of Tony Robbins statement in the same area, “99% of the times, when people fail to achieve their goals, they say it’s because of lack of resources. When in reality they forget, they are the resource.

It is definitely a work of art, to turn Continue reading “Be resourceful: How to make the most of your available assets.”

Practical ways of not getting distressed at work and life!

Stress can be a performance enhancer in most situations. However, it has become quite the negative term that we use every single day. We definitely lead busy lives and with the competition increasing, we surely have a lot on our plates. And of course, we have the same number of hours to complete those tasks. So, while we notice some can easily complete tasks expected of them do, why is that the others aren’t able to? Why is it that some feel so stressed and overburdened that it begins to affect their health and even performance outcomes? Well, the first response to that would be we are all wired differently, and we cope with situations differently.

Businessman argument

Largely, our immediate response in times of “stress” is Continue reading “Practical ways of not getting distressed at work and life!”

Importance of soft skills and why we should hone them.

My husband and I have extremely high regard for good customer service. When we see a good example of customer service, we make sure we laud it and when we see some awful service, we also have it in us, to let people know that they’re being inappropriate. It feels like a social service, more like an obligation to us ;). It also feels as though the world would be a better place, when we have compassionate folks around us, who really understand another human being (how many times have you felt that?). The reason why I am using the example of customer service is because, firstly, we can all relate to it at some point and secondly, it what makes us experience “luxury, comfort, mediocre, good, bad or ugly.”

Businesspeople having meeting in their office.

At the crux of any customer service lies the ability to understand the emotions and use them while interacting with the customers. Now, that applies to EVERY SPHERE of our lives too. Emotions, thinking process and Continue reading “Importance of soft skills and why we should hone them.”

Growth Mindset: Strengthen and sustain your emotional intelligence.

I’ve heard this statement from so many friends of mine: “how is someone’s life so perfect! They go on perfect vacations, have the perfect families, get the best pictures clicked, wear the best clothes…” and then comes, “their lives are so perfect!” And I look at them in shock. But I must admit I’ve been no saint and I’ve been victim of this toxic comparison too. However, couple of years back, since the realization of this sickness, I’ve cleared up my side of the mess and always appreciated those folks having a good time. AND most importantly, I’ve believed my life to be perfect (and definitely a blessing)!

The man in the office

Now, I’m not just saying this for the heck of it. It is pretty easy
Continue reading “Growth Mindset: Strengthen and sustain your emotional intelligence.”

Learning in Reflection 4: What’s the trend?

ATD 2016, Day 4 (25 May, 2016):

I jumped out of the bed and kick-started my day with Becky Pike Pluth‘s session, Discover 7 techniques to enhance learner motivated (5 ways to avoid squelching motivation).CjTwDShUkAAi4X3 She built the session around what she was propagating, curiosity. She is an experiential trainer and practically engaged the entire 200+ professionals present at her session. I’m sure, even if there was a 1% chance of someone feeling a little sleepy, would have woken up with the idea of using clickers in the session! Who doesn’t love indulging in a little bit of playful activity? She used game based elements to assess our prior knowledge and what we gathered at her session. Her emphasis on generating curiosity through creative training techniques for the learners, such as Continue reading “Learning in Reflection 4: What’s the trend?”

Learning in Reflection 3: Vulnerability leads to courage.

ATD 2016, Day 3 (24 May, 2016):

The third day began with great zeal and excitement. Didn’t happen to sit right at the front, but had a pretty good view. I was absolutely excited for Brene Brown‘s session, she is THE master for teaching courage through vulnerability. For those of you, who don’t know her, she is a best selling author, speaker, storyteller and researcher.

Brene’s book Daring Greatly, among others, has been appreciated by many and her TED talk is one of the top viewed talks of all. 20160524_110702She makes sure she calls herself a researcher storyteller and she sure is that. Her emphasis on storytelling struck a chord with me. I love storytelling in elearning, and in informal learning and even in training. (I love using stories from my life and from my environment, to enable a positive change in teams, organizations and people: guess what, this strategy has been successful 90% of the times). So, which is why, I completely agreed and nodded vehemently, when Brene Brown shared that “narratives lead to a behavior change and our brains are wired for stories.” Storytelling aid information recall, allow us to learn better and actually transform ourselves into our best possible selves. Continue reading “Learning in Reflection 3: Vulnerability leads to courage.”

Learning in Reflection 2: Leadership, ROI and Girl Power!

ATD 2016, Day 2 (23 May, 2016):

I’m back with another post in my learning in reflection series.IMG_nhlm1y First of all, I have to state, I loved being greeted by the Big Blue Bear at the convention center, every morning. The headline’s a little weird, isn’t it? Well, they are related to an eventful and action packed Monday I had at #ATD2016. It all began with the inspiration from Simon Sinek in the morning’s keynote!

The day began early, with a huge line waiting Continue reading “Learning in Reflection 2: Leadership, ROI and Girl Power!”

Learning in Reflection: Meet, greet and begin!

ATD 2016, Day 1 (22nd May 2016):

It’s 2nd time in a row that I  went for Association of Talent Development’s (ATD) International Conference and Exposition (ICE). The ATD ICE 2016, held in Denver had a lot in store and I knew I had to prep in advance. IMG-20160603-WA0001

Homz Umrigar and I are the husband and wife duo of ATD, as we’d like to call ourselves 😉 Even though we love sharing knowledge, we are almost always on Continue reading “Learning in Reflection: Meet, greet and begin!”

Why storytelling is important in (e)learning.

Storytelling is crucial for training oneself or others. While I intend to talk about informal learning that we indulge in, online, I don’t disregard formal eLearning or training here. We’ve been a part of stories of others, shared our own stories, whether verbally or virtually (now especially through Facebook we sort of have it in our faces) and somewhere we do love listening to, or reading or watching stories. Fact of the matter, who doesn’t love a good story and better, one which translates to an excellent learning experience?


One of my favorite stories of all times is Breakfast At Tiffany’s and there is an important scene in the book/movie, of which I often speak of, whether in my ID meetings or Continue reading “Why storytelling is important in (e)learning.”